Camel Safari at Red Sea

Charting a course in the dry and sandy lands of Egypt is a dream of millions but it lack of knowledge about the place and guide makes people cringe form the tour. But the camel safari of Red Sea is an incredible journey that will take you to the deep secrets of the land of Egypt and you can finds the mysteries of the place unfolding as you spend 8 days in your life in the tour name “Camel Safari at Red Sea”. You will have the privilege to see the famous sites of Dahab region and can grab the blissful experience of roaming in the Sinai Desert.

You kick of your safari after landing in the Sharm el-Sheikh airport, where the tour operator’s agent will greet you warmly and shall take you to the Coral Coast Hotel, situated at the northern side of the Dahab east side. You can while away the first day either in the hotel or can go out for a short stroll along the seaside. The second and third day will be warming up session for the safari as you will be introduced to the Dahab local who will guide you to the entire tour. You will be explained the full plan of the trip and the entire map will be shown to you. You will be given the proper equipment and other tests like buoyancy checks, during the first dive.

The subsequent days will take you to a camel safari and it will start from Blue Hole area, where Bedouin hosts will wait for you. All your equipment including first aid, food and water will be set on the camels back and you will set your journey. You will travel across the Sinai Mountains and other major attractions of the desert.


The safari charges £495 for each person and minimum of 2 people can share the charge.   The price includes 10 dives with both weights and air, camel safari for three days and two nights and Bedouin camping, and five nights stay in Coral Coast Hotel. The price charged doesn’t include the flight fare, and meals in the journey.

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