Antarctic cruise: Journey from New Zealand

Nestled at the South Pole, Antarctica is the coldest, wildest, driest and windiest destination on Earth, which is obviously not inhabited except for some scientists in the research labs here. So, cruising until here is something of an inherent interest out of curiosity for a majority of the people. The first Antarctic cruise floated in 1966 that with the leader by Lars-Eric took the first group to the continent. And this too, had a purpose behind this – to get extremely inclined for protecting the hypersensitive ecology by exploring Antarctica. This mission is still ongoing even today, but the tourists can cruise to this continent only for four months of the year of which December and January are the peak months.

For the travelers, Antarctica is lush with unbelievable beauty amidst adventure when an Antarctica cruise takes them to the sub-Antarctic islands in summer months. Enjoy spotting a myriad of wildlife like seabirds, whales and seals; marvel at the glaciers, and photograph the unseen landscapes. Travelers mostly explore the sub-Antarctic islands such as the Auckland Islands as well as Campbell Island after starting the trip from New Zealand. There are cruises also from the Lyttelton-Christchurch, New Zealand, which takes one to the Eastern Antarctica as well as the famous Ross Sea terrain. So, get ready to reach at the end of the world!

Heritage Expeditions

They offer small-group cruises to Antarctica for exploring its natural history. Starting from Port of Bluff, the chosen Antarctic cruise takes its travelers via the islands as well as to the East Antarctica. There are also Ross Sea cruises that start from Dunedin as well as from the Port of Otago. No matter which you choose; you are sure to enjoy the several opportunities to know the history of the continent by being on the land or on the ship. Address: 53B Montreal Street, PO Box 7218, Christchurch, New Zealand. Phone: +64 3 365 3500. Web:

Hiking New Zealand

The cruises from this tour company will take you on a tour of the sub-Antarctic islands: Auckland islands and Campbell Island. As the name suggest, these cruises not only include sailing around the atolls, but also give the guests a chance to hike and explore the different sights on the islands. Just like the Heritage Expeditions, these cruises take off from Port of Bluff. Address: PO Box 93, Lyttelton 8841. Phone: +64 3 384 3706. Web:

Polar Cruises

These ships make you explore the entire Antarctic region. Those departing from New Zealand take its guests to the East Antarctica as well as Ross Sea area, provide four categories to choose (luxury, icebreakers, expedition, and adventure ships), and feature experts who impart much useful knowledge related to history, geology, wildlife, glaciology, and oceanography. Address: 20525 Dorchester West, Bend, OR 97702. Phone: 888-484-2244 (in U.S. or Canada)/541-330-2454 (outside of U.S.). Web:

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  1. Antarctica is a great place for that once-in-a-lifetime cruise. It is unique in almost every way and will create memories that will last a lifetime.

  2. Travellyn says:

    Visiting Antarctica would be a dream come true. Just to see those magnificent Glaciers and wildlife would be a wonderful experience. It is interesting that you have four different cruise ships to accommodate different levels of adventure that travelers may be seeking. Very informative blog.
    Travellyn´s last [type] ..Tropical Townsville Riverway

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