Annapurna: the best trek in the world

It is without a doubt the best trek in the long distance category. Nepal is a good mix of pristine nature and rich culture. The terrain and its beautiful landscapes are constantly changing and fill my eyes with tears of joy.

The thrill and excitement that cover the air cannot be justified by mere words. This stunning experience is only intensified by the dangerous throng la pass. We shot out cheers of joy as we made safely across the pass. At 5426m can be termed insignificant by many but still a danger.

Annapurna trekking Nepal

Annapurna region trek was our choice of a comfortable trek without the usual rigors and hardships. This time we didn’t necessarily want a sense of achievement an exciting and yet challenging walk into the wild corners of nature was more than enough. An 18 day trek was sadly not enough to truly enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the region.

The trek begins on a challenging note in its harsh terrain and get tougher. Passing through Manang can be difficult and acclimatization must be foremost in one’s mind. But safety is right around the corner. As stationed here is the Nepalese Rescue Association which had American doctors stationed during our passing. Our group even took time out attending the docs daily sickness and altitude lectures. Learning and nature I couldn’t have asked for more.

Annapurna trek

We took our time with the odd resting days to acclimatize and explore the region. The trees and the rugged wild will cheer you up and will give a sense of being amidst real beauty. One of the treasured moments of the trek and the most photographed were the four days in transit over the pass. The decent will be greeted by thick snow which took us almost a day to traverse.

Going over the pass and down to Muktinath can be thrilling and a very long day. Then onwards it can be easy going with the sunshine behind you. Get ready to go deeper down than the Grand Canyon as you trek down the valley of Kali Gandaki. The mountain ranges will astound you with the great Annapurna on one side and the Daulagiri on the other.

After the climbing up and the climbing down we sounded a joyous cry on spotting the natural hot springs from a distance. It was the icing on the cake. The hot springs set the mood alive at Tatopani. The serene and untouched locations are a must see in this region of Nepal.

Tatopani hot springs

It was a walk in the park like no other. We exited this region by going over and up Ghorepani. One can also head south to Beni. The climb to Ghorepani can take as long as nine hours. Yes it can be a tough call to make but well worth it. Poon hill should not be missed, it is picturesque and a famous spot situated next to Ghorepani.

It was an enduring trek which we did not expect but did secretly wish. The call of the wild and the mountains of Nepal will reach out to you in more ways than you knew. Come here to be one with nature, at its best!

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