Unleash your snooty Side at Aix en Provence – Southern France

France is most certainly a destination where class-meets-style-meets-art-meets and not just meets but touches you. With a glorious historic past and an aesthetically driven destination, the southern part of France is home to a very artistic city known as the Aix en Provence.

With the intervention of the Romans as back as around the 123 BC, the name and significance of the place is derived from the many fountains found in the city. This place of Aix En Provence is most certainly dedicated to travels who are somewhere around mid-aged. This place hosts many great universities and when it comes to learning various forms of art, this southern France province is abuzz with many interesting and all the more intriguing courses to take up. It is this very reason why the Aix en Provence emerges as a top family vacation spot, because not only the parents but even kids can participate in many of the exciting courses, which makes learning a fun experience and something they will remember a long way. From cooking in the tradition bakery with a grand master chef in the most fun manner, and then of course the self cooked sampling experience in the rustic French manner is what attracts many families each year.

Aix en Provence

The Aix en Provence has also been the capital center at the time of the French Revolution which earns the place due historical and cultural relevance and influences. The streets of this magnificent place are true to the legacy of this place with quaint cobblestone pavements and exquisite manors that define the cultural richness of France.

So, as one comes for a vacation to this exciting spot, the ideal place to experience the vibe of this cultural and artistic hub is by living in the true blue French style chateaus that are extended by lush private gardens. Now that will make for living it up the authentic way!

Explore These Places

Le Musee Granet:
The La Musee Granet is also popularly known as the Granet Museum that has been named after the famous artiste Francois Marius Granet who left behind his works of art to be exhibited after he deceased. It is an ideal place for the art devoured souls to view some of the greatest works of noteworthy painters from a French origin dating back to the time of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. There are also other works that are showcased from the Flemish and Italian influences.

Le Musee Granet

Le Cours Mirabeau:
This is one of the most busiest streets with a variety of eateries, cafes, and great marvels of architecture spread through the stretch of the thoroughfare. The old time charm that once carriages bustling to and fro is today abuzz with vehicles and many fountains.

Le Cours Mirabeau

Atelier Cézanne:
Tours to the Cezzane Studio are conducted on a daily basis. Over here the visitors can found a lot of common factors going to some of this art works that can be found in the studio.

Atelier Cézanne

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