7 Startling Lakes Of New Zealand

New Zealand…what comes to your mind when you think about this destination? Let’s be truthful, it inspires to backpack the stuff and voyaging there instantly. Its exotic picturesque views overcome the mind and call for a tour. New Zealand is popular for bestowing the best panoramic views of the surrounding locales. Apart from its positive features, it has also gained popularity as Middle Earth as the triad movie “The Lord Of Rings” has been shot in some of the breath-taking locations of this awesome country. The South Island of New Zealand outlooks a bird’s eye view of the natural ecstasy like undulating snow-covered mountains and the blue lakes. It nurtures eclectic natural wonders, but I have chosen seven amazing lakes that add more dazzle to its beauty.

Lake Wakatipu:

Placed in the royal town of ‘Queenstown’ in New Zealand, Lake Wakatipu stretches to elongation of 291 square kilometers in terms of area and is 80 kilometers in length. Affording a postcard view, it is truly the most striking and magnificent beauty that New Zealand possesses. Lake Wakatipu shelters three towns on its shores, the fortunate towns are Queenstown, Glenorchy and Kingston. Truly, aren’t they lucky enough that they get to reside besides the longest Lake of New Zealand? Also, above the southern end of the lake lies the fabulous mountain range tower.  The Lake Wakatipu is an enthralling multi-treat for the eye sight which offers scenic view of the mountain ranges. Take a swim in the waters for calming your exhausted body or simply play with water.

Lake Tekapo:

Settling in the hub of Mackenzie country, this is a spectacular marvel with exceptional view. This lake grants a superb turquoise-blue look and this lake derives enchanting characteristic from the mountains that bring in minerals through trails of glaciers. As this lake is glacier fed, all the essence flows in from the side-by Mountains. By the southern side of the lake, exist a settlement community of Lake Tekapo. This township is worth a visit, not just because it lies besides the beautiful lake, but also because the town shelters a church called as “Church of Good Shepherd” which grants breath taking views of the lake. This photogenic spot has also become a great location for weddings or other social celebrations.

You can find the ‘Mount Johns Observatory’ nearby Lake Tekapo; one gets a glimpse of spell-binding superb sights of zenith. It facilitates for a soothing view of the twinkling stars and Aurora Austris i.e. southern lights, on bright and clear evenings especially during the winters. So make sure, that you come here for spending relieved winter holidays.

Lake Wanaka:

Enclosed by undulating mountain ranges, Lake Wanaka is the fourth largest lake of New Zealand and sits calmly in the Otago region. It came into limelight when Tom Cruise cited about this lake in the flick “Mission Impossible 3.” Also, the recreational Mount Aspiring National Park lies in the neighborhood of Lake Wanaka.

The town of Wanaka lies by the southern side of the Lake Wanaka. This is a perfect town for the ever-struggling individuals who run in the fast pacer life. This small town is paradise for quaint-seekers who desire serenity and positive resonances from their inner selves. Also, this enticing town is fast emerging in the eyes of the masses and rapidly experiencing tourists because of its positive traits. Perhaps, in the next few years, it may occupy the spot of Queenstown as every visitor is charmed by the town’s influential magnetism which makes it over crowded. So, people rebound to the town of Wanaka for a 2-hour drive, seeking gentle calmness.

lake mathesonLake Matheson:

Placed in the west coast of Southern Islands of New Zealand, this lake affords some superb views and gives a comprehensible mirror image of Mt. Cook, which possesses the cachet of being the highest mountain of Australasia. In addition, it even bequeaths picturesque view, but fortune is not always in a generous mood of providing the scenic view easily. Due to the west coast monsoon weather, it actually becomes vexed condition to catch the stunning view. Yet, if you are earnestly eager for getting a glance and can afford to wait, so do that, because you can grab a magnificent sight to behold, just like it is printed on a postcard scenic preview and you will remember it for your lifetime.

This lake can be approached by the town Fox Glacier, which is located on the west coast; also an easy 15-minutes drive will give you a trouble-free way to the lake.

Lake Pukaki:

This lake is some kind of replica of Lake Tekapo; also the three lakes i.e. Lake Tekapo, Lake Ohao and Lake Tekapo lake pukakilying in the region of Mackenzie possess emulating features. Lake Pukaki is nourished by the glacier which is similar to Lake Tekapo; as well they are the one which can be ascribed for their distinct identity. It sustains to provide the lake with deposits that give Lake Pukaki, a special essence i.e. turquoise blue color.

Lake Pukaki furnishes an enthralling scenic view of the Mt. Cook and simultaneously; they make a great picturesque combination of lake and mountain. Both are a virtual retreat for any tourist, a serene and simple location adds much more to the joy. However, there is no township settlement besides the Lake Pukaki, but you can find them en route betwixt Christchurch and Queenstown and Mt. Cook village.

Lake Te Anau:

Lake Te AnauThis stupendous natural creation is the second largest lake in the whole of New Zealand stretching to almost 344 square kilometers. The maximum depth of Lake Te Anau is 417 meters, which you yourself can gauge if you glance scrupulously in the lake waters.

Besides these charms, it is an all-embracing and comprehensive location that offers for various charms, it is a perfect place to tour out with your family and kids. It is a complete package and bestows anything for every one. Fiordland National Park lies in the vicinity, which is quite raenowned for Milford sound and Milford track. Also massive hills of Fiordland National Park and rolling hills country encircle the Lake.

Lake Te Anau has just one community settlement of Te Anau down in its banks that is the only settlement. And the surrounding natural environment i.e. the mountains which cover the lake are amazingly striking, they are perpetually draped in snow sheets, these sights make it more spicier and more majestic look, believe me this jaw-dropping site will make you stand in awe.

Lake Hawea:

Lake Wanaka mostly dominates the magnetism drawn by this charming lake. This lake is quite well known and also facilitates for water sports like water skiing, jet boating and for others who just want to enjoy the tranquility factor can bring in tools for fishing. Nestled in the Otago region of the South Island, this lake offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. For more excitement and panoramic views, move ahead to State Highway 6 located midst the towns of Makarora and Wanaka.

lake wanaka lake wakatipu lake tekapo lake hawea

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