6 Prophesies For Future Of Travel

Technological innovations and advancements have overcome the long distance travelling concept; now travelling from one continent to another is a dream come true. There was a time when Christopher Columbus took the risk of voyaging into the great oceans, desiring to reach India but discovered America instead. But now technology has developed beyond thinking and people are now touching moon, big research organisations are leaving their satellites in the sky and getting the live images sitting comfortably at one place.

Today travel has become cosier where one can travel across the seven seas just by sitting in an aeroplane and cover the distance. World tours are today seen as small amusement trips, but if we move back to the history and talk about world tour, one will feel that the another person is insane and building castle in the air. But today this is ground reality. As technology changes, so does the way and means of travelling. Travel has come a long way in the last century.

One can’t predict what highs tourism will touch in next few decades because technology is fast emerging and developing rampantly.


Here’s a look at 6 predictions for the future of travel.

1. Virtual tourism

As there is technological advancement, it becomes easier to feel the essence of the place virtually. For instance, there are diverse sites available on the net that provide us every relevant information in the form of written words, graphics, videos and give a chance to the web surfers to interact with these images in 360 degrees, and one feels that he is actually there. Google earth is a website portal that provides you satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings. And out of which it becomes easy to explore a new destination and one feels that he or she is related to that place.

2. Changing traveller demographics

A New York Times article from 2006 implies that developing countries like China are gradually developing and the flourishing middle class in future, will have enough income to spend on international tourism. And with changing time, trends will change because change is part and parcel of life and popular tourist destinations will bring in the needed change in order to cater to others needs.

3. New York, Paris, Pyongyang?

Travel is surely a good one from which one country can cash up, it brings in employment, foreign currency and revenues can be easily earned. It is certainly a boon and in the future countries which do not approve of travelling in their country might probably approve of it. And in the future, people will travel to places which were before considered to be off limits which in turn will benefit both.

4. Extinct sites

A coin has always two sides, just as that every possible thing in this world has two sides i.e. positive and negative. Travel can help in earning revenues but also it can disturb the environment, wildlife. Might be in the future the animals who are remaining in fewer numbers, may be after some years they may fall extinct, somewhat like dinosaurs. And also environmental degradation will lead to disruption in environment like what we are facing today in the face of global warming and the ozone layer depletion.

5. Mentality changes

As the time passes by, there are many changes like in technology and the way of thinking, might be in future there would be changes in our mental perceptions. We don’t know in which way will we look towards travel?  Today there are perceptional variations in looking towards homosexuality, before it was looked as a criminal offence.

6. The final frontier?

Believe it or not, this might be possible. Confused started thinking what am I talking about? A recent article of the New York Times conveys “Space travel could one day become a feasible option for those besides the mega rich.” For fulfilling this dream, both the Russian space program and the private company of Virgin Galactic are endowing efforts into this blossoming field. Perhaps, the day is nearer when we will receive postcards from moon.

The extent to which this would practically take place is yet to be seen in the coming centuries. If such changes takes place, it would surprise me alike others, their consequences whether good or bad might be known if the future.

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    Today, a man with his pockets laden with gifts can have breakfast in San Fransisco, lunch in New Delhi and dinner in London!

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