6 Evanescent Artistic Structures That Will Mesmerize You

Got fed up of visiting the same slack ancient museums? Feeling droopy after hearing its name or whether accumulating all the energy to get a clear view of that legendary painting or the architecture? I know, I know it is an usual phenomenon that happens with all the people who go for a visit to museums. Many people get upon each other for beholding the sight of Mona Lisa painting or may be it is anything else, in this race one eventually turns to be stretching their whole body parts beyond its limits.

Hmm… museums have a massive fan following and it is also apparent that where else will they get to see such intricate art works except the museums which preserve the ancient works standing from interminable times. But do you know that there are other such locations that even possess artistic creations and are worthwhile a visit. Haven’t I given good news to the art enthusiasts and to those who are bored of museums? Now-a-days, fleeting or transitional art forms have rooted themselves strongly because of their lovely characteristic which affords “now you see it, then you don’t.”

Basically, these artistic forms are generated for an art-enthusiast or a contribution to God in form of prayers or someone creates them for their inner artistic satisfaction. So if you are willing spent time in gazing those antique arty creations, instead of wasting time in long museum queues, go to sneak a preview of these aesthetic and graceful creations that are as unique as the artists that create them.


These unique artworks have the instant potent of spell-binding the gazers, however there are some weak creations that can’t confront against the tests of changing time especially when heavy rainy storms pour downwards, strong winds blow to and fro, although no things can overpower the sand castles. These are not the kiddie’s toys that are made up of trash or trench. Instead these are creative endeavors that endure numerous hours or sometimes efforts are put by teams to come out with wonderful creations. However, behind this lies a fact that grimy sand works better than clean sand because of which the sands magnetize to each other better rather than the clean sand.

During Mid-June, the Sand Castle building contest held in Newport Beach, Oregon attracts throngs of masses to participate. But however, the US Open Sandcastle Building Contest will experience waves of expert people which will be hosting its 30th Annual Competition on 8th August, 2010 in Imperial Beach, California. Remember the significant point that these artistic creations won’t last for long, so make it here at appropriate period or just get a glimpse of these artistic creations in videos or photographs.

Sand painting:

In many parts of Asia, the practice of sand art takes place, however Tibet is the most renowned name that predominantly emerges up. The most famous art form is the Sand Mandala. ‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit term that means essence containing or circle circumference. The creations conjured up by the Buddhist monks are the most spectacular aesthetic forms which is multi-colored almost bequeathing a kaleidoscopic circle view. After which is filled with a series of funnels, bags and scrapers.

The mandalas used are generated from crushed lentils, sand or even rocks and other materials. Mandalas are also present in Hinduism, where they are also well-known as ‘Yantra.’ But in both the above cases, they are essence of religious symbols and are created for devoting to Gods in the form of prayer and they are not meant to be conserved. The person who creates it actually reverences it to God.

Ice Sculpture:

I believe that engraving structures over sand under scorching heat of Sun is nothing when it comes to carving structure on the frozen icy blocks. It’s very tough, and its arrival hails from the pop-culture element, but at the end, the structures that are fabricated are just jaw-dropping beauty. The tools required to create this spectacular beauty consists of a chain saw, drills with varied bits, hand saws, picks and chippers and the most obvious i.e. tongs.  The customary things which are required and comprises of utmost need is the rubber boots and gloves which form de rigueur, however both seem to be unflattering.

Those who want to unveil the glittering beauty of such creations can surely gain some gripping sights in Quebec City during the winter season. And others who are brave and hearty and want to catch big chunks of fun should tour to Harbin in Northeastern China where temperatures are extreme alike that of Siberia that can plunge below 40 degrees. To catch these picturesque and exhilarating structures, catch them during the winters. Backpack your warm clothes Plan your trip there sometime between January and February.

Butter Cow

Butter sculpture:

Past the scorching-sandy beaches and solid-ice, let’s check something lukewarm. They are creative and innovative forms of butter sculptures. It is a very old phenomenon where the oldest structure hails back to the Tibetan art form known as ‘.’ AcTormatually, it was built out of various ingredients comprising of butter, flour and colorful dyes as a ritualistic worship to Gods or to be taken in later.

It is an enchanting experience to see how the monks hold the plain cold butter and with the use of their hands grant them impressive religious shapes and structures. The most grandeur is the gigantic yellow-color cow that is sculptured out of authentic and rich Iowa butter. This conventional structure has been created annually since 1910 over a wooden frame and fences of wire at the annual fest of Iowa State Fair that is hosted every August. The massive structure of cow is a splendid creation and came to sight in faraway distances as long as in New York. Apart from it, other structures like The Last Supper was carved out of butter. They also planned to build a Michael Jackson structure out of it, but however before coming into sight, it was cancelled.

Carved vegetables

Carved vegetables:

Before consuming the dish that is lying on your plate, sometimes you might start dripping water from your mouth, before tasting the food, your tongue determines that the dish is lip-smacking and very tasty, why is it so? Obviously, because the plate is adorned so beautifully that your palate cognizes that the delicacy is scrumptious. Usually, when you step in Japanese or Thai hotel, many delicacies that are offered is not just a culinary art but also artistic creation.

You might have observed the spectacular carvings like radish roses, tiny birds or even water-melon where the inner red pulp is carved beautifully that juts over the outer green layer. The most popular vegetable art can be best seen in United States especially during the mid-October. The carved pumpkin which is popular as Jack O’ Lantern has an ephemeral life which can stretch itself until late November, in spite of the chilling winters.

The striking artistic works over different vegetables can be best sighted on the glittering twilights on the merry fest of Halloween celebrated on 30th October. Abounding lavish parties are cherished by both children and adults where everyone relish the pumpkin slices by chopping it with kitchen instruments or some even with slippery hands getting a hand over the pumpkin. After the joyous party, one will get to notice kitchen implements and pumpkin seeds lying at every corner.

Another, the huge pumpkin festival which is hosted by Keene, New Hampshire is the most splendid and noteworthy attractions where large hordes of masses participate for exhibiting their creations. Here, you can witness numerous creations carved over pumpkin. They experience over 20,000 visitors’ arrival in the fest; unfortunately however they recently couldn’t make to win the title of ‘Most carved Pumpkin’ and lost it over to Camp Sunshine, a summer camp for sick children.

flower Carpet

Flower carpets:

These creations are the most pleasant and creates an eye-balls grabbing effect. Generally, they are fabricated out of flowers and flower petals, colored sawdust so that they recline over long areas and are conspicuous from an elongated distance. These types of marvels are usually durable until others sop some watery stuff over them.

One of the outstanding wide-spread arrays will be hosted at the Tapis De Fleurs in Brussels, Belgium on 12th August. Here in Brussels, this idea first hit the brains of E. Stautemans, who is a landscape architect and have basked the glory of creating a huge carpet stretching 164 x 42 meters at Ghent. However the man who has accomplished massive glories prefers the Grand Place in Brussels that is a 77 x 44 meter carpet, which is still majestic.

Other sites that are famous round the globe for creating flower carpets is Corpus Christi. This is a catholic holiday destination that hosts this festival during June. Also, there are varied destinations like Tenerife, Canary Islands; Arundel Cathedral in Arundel, England; and Rome. The symbols created upon them are created as such to adore the religious rituals and when the fest gets over, people crush them beneath their feet.

After a long trip, around various locations of the world, you surely must thank me for the fun I bestowed. But, if you want to fully adore these fun fests, then make it a point to tour in these locations; you will never forget them as they will stay amidst the most cherished memories of the lifetime. Keep your eyes wide open as many such artistic creations may be lying around your vicinity.

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