5 fully holy grottos that you might not know

A grotto for us is a creepy natural formation full of stalactites, stalagmites, lakes, and other underground wonders adorning the land below the surface on which we live. However, we also know that some of the most celebrated caves on the planet are completely sacred because of the mythological statues and scenes carved in it. For example, the Buddhist caves of Southeast Asia that provide the unique chance of ambling on the holy ground adorned with the sacred figurines, which are not only a delight for our eyes but are also the diet of our souls. In fact, herein, you will be introduced to 5 such caves that are not popular across the globe, but are worth to be among the top tourist destinations.

Actun Tunichil Muknal, Belize

Also known as the Cave of the Stone Sepulchre, this grotto is full of Mayan myths that challenge one to explore it by going beyond the limits of the human tolerance capacity. However, if you manage to pull across, then the cave rewards are just immense. In the olden days, this cave was the important spot of pilgrimage for the Mayans who considered offering human sacrifices as the offerings to their deities quite inside the caves. In their times, not visiting this cave was a folly and was to be compensated by death. However, you can take succor in the sense that no such Mayan belief is now followed. Today, when the tourists explore it, it takes reasonable amount of hours as you swim underwater, hike, and just marvel at the water that is not apt for swimming. Then, go a mile underground to spot the crystal skeleton of a female. The carcass is called so because it has got coated in brown calcite with the passage of time.

Actun Tunichil Muknal

Dambulla Cave, Sri Lanka

Considered as the most stunning cave temple in the nation, this is a complex boasting five Buddhist shrines that are called the Raja Maha Vihara. Among these caves, the largest one is the home of nearly 48 Buddha statues and other statues of the Hindu deities. The latter carvings became possible in the 12th century, the time during which the Hindu ideology became strong in Sri Lanka influencing the local culture. The main purpose of these caves was to protect the King Valagambahu who sought shelter here in order to escape the invaders of the Anuradhapura town. Since then, these caves are an important pilgrimage spots. The visitors remain stunned to see the careful details of the shines and the ceiling murals adorning the caves, which have been painted into the rough rock face.

Dambulla Cave

Corycian Cave, Greece

This is mystically located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, which is named behind the nymph Corycia. As per the legend, Mt. Parnassus is holy and that all the locations including the caves are among the most beloved sites of the gods. And certainly, it is not tough to justify this. The main grotto is gigantic measuring 60 m by 26 m and offers an awe-inspiring vista of the plain as one starts to descend to give you the best. You just cannot recognize the fact that the caves were excavated just recently because all its indictors have been removed making it possible to leave the cave unspoiled for attracting more visitors in future. The archaeological digs found many precious antique objects, bone flutes, a Neolithic male figurine, bronze statues, and terracotta figurines.

Corycian Cave

St. Paul’s Grotto, Malta

History says that St. Paul in 60 A.D. who was a prisoner stranded here took shelter in this small grotto. It was only at the time of his stay here where he performed miracles. Making him the divine figure, even the poisonous snake bites could not harm him. In fact, you will find a church of the name of this saint, but his actual lock up was within the cave in the church where he spent three months. Rejuvenated in 1692, the grotto is believed to have walls that have healing powers. Interestingly, it has been seen that the overall size of the cave never alters even by a bit irrespective of the scraping done. The main interesting objects here are the saint’s statue, Pope’s lamps, and the silver figure given by the knights. Virtuous and tranquil, this subterranean grotto is just not worth to miss and that its sacred stories are just the profile-raisers.

St. Paul’s Grotto

Sof Omar Caves, Ethiopia

Considered as among the panoramic underground caves, this cave complex is a hub of natural wonders. The mysterious Sof Omar Caves is one of those hard to reach sites because of the route passing via the valleys and hills edged with the thorny trees making it a challenging run of 120 km. However, do not worry; as you will be rewarded with the best! Formed by the Web River that meanders until a subterranean area, the caves are vital for the Islam followers as the name of the complex refer to the name of a saint – Sheikh Sof Omar. The site is a marvel because of its giant pillars, spacious heights, and archways leading to the river. Making it a bit eerie, the complex is packed with crocodiles, bats, and crustaceans. But chill! They are harmless as they migrate to the river.

Sof Omar Caves

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  1. Jack Stack says:

    A great post! Thanks a lot for the valuable information! :-)

  2. BRENDA WRIGHT says:

    I visited the Dambulla caves visited the Amaya caves to see the cultural triangle..The view from the top of the caves is really spectacular!There were many caves with murals and sculptures belonging to the Buddhist era..They were quiet old and well-kept! The large golden statue of Buddha at the entrance was really good! It was really worth the visit!

  3. Leena Fitzgerald says:

    When my family was at Belize, we were advised by our hotel owner to not miss seeing the Actun Tunichil Muknal(ATM)caves. It was an experience we still cherish in our minds.We were just my family of four in the tour inside the caves.Our guide was really helpful, as crossing the water and climbing the boulders..As this is not easy our guide was of real help..We got to learn about the mayan history. It was a fantastic experience! :-)


    Indeed the most prominent highlight of our Belize trip was the ATM caves..Once in the cave, we loved the physical challenge of swimming and climbing the huge rocks and crossing chest deep water!!..Getting to see the Mayan ruins was a nice way to end our trip :-)

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