Zurich – A delight for the visitors

Switzerland is called the Paradise on earth and so is its one of the city Zurich promises to be. One of the culturally and commercially important cities of Switzerland, Zurich is a delight for all the visitors visiting it. The all year round pleasant weather adds another feather to this already crowd pulling city. The buildings and other structures speaks rich about the Romanesque architecture. The city hosts numerous cultural events keeping the vibe going on. The best for the tourists to explore the city is to either choose the guided walking tours or the circle tour where the tourists visit the places in a traditional tourist bus.

City of Zurich Switzerland

Everyone knows that the Mother Nature is at its best in this Paradise so there is no once gets the prize for guessing that bounties of nature are waiting to be explored and appreciated by you. The give stained glass windows of the Fraumunster Church are a true spectacle speaking volumes about its fine architecture and the skill of the artists of the 12th Century. It is considered to be one of the most impressive buildings. Even the St. Peter church in the vicinity of Fraumunster will tranquilise you. It boasts of the largest clock face in entire Europe. The Lake Zurich will totally leave you bowled once you take a stroll along the calm lake. The Roman Castle Lindenhof, provides panoramic and breathtaking views of the entire city as it is located on a cliff.

Fraumunster Zurich

The Zurich Museums are world famous as they exhibit the marvellous art works of major Swiss artists like Fuesli and Giacometti. The Landes museum is worth visiting as apart from the vast collection; it also features a beautiful landscaped garden. The Swiss National Museum is a must watch to get informational insight into the Swiss life style. One can explore the history of Coffee at the Jacobs Coffee Museum apart from tasting some fine coffee prepared from fresh coffee beans.

Zurich Museums

Not only famous for its rich architecture and natural beauty, the city also promises a rocking nightlife. Niederdorf is the place where the rockers rock to various dance tunes. Taking a boat excursion will take you through the Limmat River which flows through the city and here you can enjoy spectacular sightseeing of the entire city. How can one forget the world famous swiss chocolates and what would be your excitement level when you would see chocolates made in front of your eyes? Truly enchanting it would be.

The Urania Observatory would be the most loved by the people as the enormous telescope which is 100 years old still functions properly. Here you can gaze at the constellation, the stars and the planets and feel close to the space. The best family attraction is the Zurich Zoo as a number of endangered and rare creatures can be seen here. You would be delighted to see the Penguin Parades, the elephant house and the lion enclosure.

Zurich Zoo

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  1. Frootie Thomas says:

    I wanted to shop for some cakes and chocolates at Zurich last month for a friend’s birthday..So I went to Sprungli..And I just couldn’t get enough of this place! I have become a huge fan of chocolates and cakes from Sprungli since. The Luxemburgerli, especially the chocolate one tastes like heaven!

  2. Samantha Fox says:

    I enjoyed my trip to Zurich.Since I’ve taken up being a vegan ever since I visited India last year, I had my dinner buffet at this fabulous restaurant called Hiltl in the city centre..The food was very fresh and well-cooked.I loved the onion and potato rings, spring rolls are the best here, salads are fresh and simply the best..The main course of Indian, Thai and Italian is simply great..I had fruit salad and chocolate mousse for dessert..In Zurich I found the best restaurant in the world offering vegetarian meals ever!Anyone wanting a dining experience fabulous and superior must go to this restaurant while visiting Zurich.

  3. Romilla Clearwaters says:

    Samantha Fox:
    If you are into Bollywood, it would make you glad to know that DDLJ was shot here in Zurich! Zurich is really a beautiful city. The climate is really amazing in winter when it is just 2 degree celsius during the day and in minus during night.
    Yup,there are many good Indian restaurants out in Zurich. For transportation you can rely on trains , buses and trams which will take all over the city. you must take tourist passes which will enable you to travel free in entire Switzerland in trains, buses, boats and trams.
    Zurich is a lovely place, very beautiful and scenic!

  4. Illeana Ryle says:

    During our fortnight’s stay at Zurich, we visited many beautiful places. I found a lovely place to eat here and I would like to share my experience about this place..
    I used to go to Cucina almost everyday to have pizzas which were large, properly baked,easily bite into it and very moist! Cucina was undoubtedly the best place to have pizza in Zurich city. My favorite is the pizza Capricciosa :-)

  5. Sally Smith says:

    On our trip to Switzerland,We were trekking Zuri-West, when we came upon this amazing place called Anthony’s kitchen. We ate there and it has the most awesome Asian food I’ve ever tasted..The food and the wine both are just amazing! I took a peach sorbet with vodka! We had a six course meal which can be compared to a feast. We had chicken spring rolls, fresh steamed fish, and papaya salad were the best of all! There are plenty of clubs and bars in Zuri-West so you can check them out as well!

  6. Percy Koontz says:

    I love Zurich its climate and the lovely scenery surrounding this awesome place! While we where in this town we visited many restaurants as I am a huge foodie,but I found the food at Greulich the best. The try innovative recipes all the time and take you by surprise..This restaurant offers an awesome balance between basic dishes and haute cuisines, something which I really miss in high-end restaurants. We had a six-course dinner and lovely wine after that and I think they provide value-added service. It was really worth it :-)
    I just love Zurich for everything, the food , people, the scenery!

  7. Yjee says:

    Nice post about the places to see in Zurich Switzerland! I really like your post! Thanks :-)

  8. Freud Rubble says:

    Zurich in Switzerland is the most scenic, pictographic place I’ve been to with lovely climate and nice people! There are many places to visit in Zurich..I found this unique French restaurant on my 10-day stay which served awesome food in a great atmosphere! Try the charbonnade, it blew me away! The Charbonnade is a thin crusted beef grilled on charcoal pot on the table. Along with that you’ll get french fries in matchstick size with many sauces..This place is really reasonable for the quality of food and service.Its really worth it. You must also try Entrecote caffe de Paris! A great place to be to in Zurich Switzerland :-)

  9. Paula Anderson says:

    Zurich is heaven on earth..There are many places to see here..The city of Zurich has many sights and seeings which are not to be missed. Thanks for the informative post :-)

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