Wild Stories from Desert National Park

Rajasthan is the desert king of India and a place to be, if you want to visit royal locales of Indian origin.This place with the best hues of Rajasthan culture and the ideal combination of Indian folklore and ancient history is also the region of the world famous Thar Desert. This huge expanse of sand with its special ecosystem is today an ideal tourist destination.

Come to this land of great vibrance, extreme vigour and the wildest pleasures. This state in India is today counted as one of the world’s greatest attractions and many come here from afar just to experience its mystique.

Amongst the many wonders of Rajasthan, the Desert National park is a perfect paradise for a nature lover. Located very near the city of Jaisalmer this region spanning an area of 3162 square kilometers is today the largest national park. There is something unique about the ecosystem of the Thar Desert that can be felt in this huge expanse of natural grassland.

Desert National Park

With its variety of animals and the innumerable species found here, the Thar Desert is a natural zone of contrast with its harsh climate yet pleasant wild shelters. The park is not very densely vegetated yet you can find wildlife in plenty here making it the intrigue that it is today. Wild animals like the desert fox, the wild cat and the blackbuck are found here making it a wildlife photographer’s haven. Bird lovers would certainly love to come here and enjoy the virgin surroundings and the equally beautiful birds.

With sand dunes spread over the Desert National Park, there are intermittent water bodies and rocky landscapes making it a great feast for the eyes. This park has a very pleasant climate during the months of October to March.

Desert National Park in Rajasthan

A person coming here would have a thorough knowledge of how life is in the desert regions in India and how living beings survive under harsh conditions. Tourists love to come here and enjoy the wildlife that is found here. They experience the excitement of seeing wild animals at close quarters and love the verdant surroundings in a desert ambience. With the Bengal fox, and the desert cats amongst the many other wild animals, the park also is a place where you can find many kinds of reptiles. There are poisonous as well as non poisonous reptiles, besides lizards, snakes etc. This park has an ideal forest post from where the full wildlife in the area is visible. This forest post Sudarshi is a way of facilitating easy view and convenient photography.

With falcons, cranes, Imperial Sand Grouse, bustards dominating the bird population, the park has proven to be a perfect hub of wild animals and a protective shelter for wildlife in this part of the world.

Desert National Park Rajasthan India

Besides this place is also famous as an observation zone of the activities of the animals here. Many migratory birds visit this park and there are chances that bird lovers could get the ecstatic feeling of spotting them and taking the cherished moment locked in the cameras forever. There is no need to worry about accommodation facilities here as there are many convenient accommodations near the national park.

With Jaisalmer nearby providing more accommodation facilities, the Desert National Park is certainly a must see spot here in Rajasthan.

Desert National Park Rajasthan India

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