Who Will Host The 2016 Summer Olympics?

“Light the passion Share the dream,” the previous Olympics hosted by Beijing cited this quote and performed gigantic, magnificent and eternal performances that have awe-struck and made a space in the nostalgia. Will the next location be competent enough to preserve the glory of Olympics and touch the heights? Will the next destination give a strong smashing performance? The powers that can be handed over to host the traditional and prestigious 2016 Olympics games include an eclectic list of four places that encompass the names of Madrid, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Chicago. So, which city do you want to host the much-awaited Olympics? Which city do you feel will be proficient to ignite passion in you? Let’s check ahead some crispy descriptions about them…


This city is known for its sophisticated lifestyle, the posh ambiance which renders it with delicate charm to hold itself. But does this place desire to host any international sporty event to poke its nose in between its charming lifestyle? Will the event management personnel accommodate the much-hyped Olympics in this extreme Spanish city? Although, this impressive city affords finesse art galleries, class restaurants, rocking nightlife and extraordinary live music. This place works day and night don’t even take rest. It is severely hot during the summers, so will this factor affect the decision? But there are other positive factors that make it outshine. Madrid gives a tough tussle to Barcelona on almost every ground. Does it want to bask the glory of holding Olympics into its account? And the most significant question it poses is will it outperform than Barcelona 1992 Olympics?


Tokyo, it is an amazing city which is well-organized and competent. Its striking features encompass a blend of traditional and admired culture, ecstatic shopping, and rocking nightlife are just captivating. Also, the cherry blossoms are pretty and is the neon light shining at twilights. However, this city is not intrinsically beautiful. This is because of the massive number of populace that is compressed in this city. This adds to become a part of disadvantage, after this we can’t ask the rail staff to clutch in more crowds. Moreover, this destination has hosted the 1964 summer Olympics, it has made it once, and so does it need the opportunity again?


Chicago possesses extraordinary restaurants especially its deep-dish pizza… they are delectable and awe-inspiring architectures. Also, its nightlife is stunning and it has a sporty spirit. But I can’t recall any antique feature to be a part of Chicago. However, it is notorious for creating traffic deadlock. The US has already hosted the summer Olympics for four times, so now it’s the time to pass the prestigious Olympics to someone else. What do you feel?

Olympics 2016

Rio de Janeiro:

Popular for its samba dance form, if this will not lure the tourists, its backdrop of verdant rainforests, undulating mountains is surely to steal the hearts of massive crowds. And just imagine if it welcomes Olympics by the music and parties, vow… what a rocking welcome it would be! All these would offer fete after fete. All the athletes and tourists would get tempted to all these. And also, no South American country has hosted Olympics, so it’s the time to give it a hit, isn’t it?

Got too keen to know that which destination will be rendered the opportunity of hosting the upcoming Olympics? Even I am desperate to know, but we will have to wait until the results are out. If you want to give in your views then join the Thorn Tree Forum, where Chicago is leading.

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