Whitehaven Beach: Most spotless in Queensland!

How it would be if you get a chance to vacation at a beach that has grabbed the honor of not only being the cleanest beach of 2009, but also of being the best eco-friendly beach of 2010? I am sure; it will be surely very enthralling to visit such a fascinating beach! This is what the Whitehaven Beach in Australia’s Queensland uniquely features! And yes, before I forget, the awards of this beach are not only these two, but are even more. Not going much into the award part of it, I will now tell you about the beach and its activities.

The Whitehaven Beach is the crown of the Whitsunday Island, which is adorned with many jewels in form of tourist attractions/activities. It is purely these highlights due to which the tourists love to come here again and again. So, it goes without saying that this one is among the most thronged beaches in Australia! But what makes it so catchy?

Well, it is the soothing cool atmosphere, shimmering sand dunes, and crystal blue waters that all together make up for the best relaxing destination whose charm is constantly well preserved by banning dogs as well as cigarette smokers. Among the above surrounding features, the unique one is the clean stretch of silica sand that occupies more than 7 km on the shore due to which the Whitehaven Beach has become the largest beach on the island. What all I am describing here might not reveal to you the exactness of its beauty. Therefore, I recommend visiting this beach whenever you plan to come to Queensland and see as well as feel for yourself as to why this is the most photographed Australian beach. This directly reveals that the landscape here is so spectacular such that the beach was also awarded as the ‘Most Wonderful Queensland Beach’ and ‘Friendliest Queensland Beach’ in 2009.

From the point of view of the mesmerizing sceneries, the most ideal is offered by the Hill Inlet perched at the northern tip. At this stunning bay, you will see the unusual shifting of water as well as dunes via the tides, which provides an impressive jumble of colors. This location is best for photography. Alternatively, you can also stroll until the island’s vantage point that offers you an exceptional opportunity for rejoicing the best views of the Hill Inlet along with the beach.

One of the most rejuvenating activities at the Whitehaven Beach is to stroll on the silica sand dunes – the home of over 95% pure silica that is responsible for the pure white color. Wow! This was very exciting for me. Okay, want to try out some thrilling sports? If yes, get ready for that adventurous joy via sea kayaking, jet boat ride, and ocean rafting. All these are on land or on water activities. However, I enjoyed the most stunning aerial ride for having a superb vista of this beach from up by sitting in a helicopter or a seaplane. As you are up in the air to blend both adventure and joy, you can not only see the colorful Hill Inlet, but rather the full Whitsunday Island.

However, there are many different ways to take a tour of this beach. The Whitehaven Beach is the abode of the cutting-edge cruising yachts, seaplanes, ferries, and helicopters. There are several operators that schedule for day and overnight charters departing from the Shute Harbor as well as from the Airlie Beach. From the latter as well as from the island resorts, luxurious cruising yachts and ferries are scheduled for a day trips to the beach. Alternatively, one of the different multi-day charters by several sailing companies can also be opted, which will also take you to the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Coming back to the beach, its calm waters are really the best for effortless swimming. Although it is not a heaven for surfing, you can still enjoy kite surfing and wind surfing here. Diving is also good here because of the reef and colorful marine life. However, the beach is the best for those who want to just sun bathe or revive while lounging on the silica sands amidst the great nature flanking them. Nevertheless, you can also catch your private zone on the beach for picnicking.


Come here in November to attend or participate in the open swimming competition – Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim.

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  1. Wan says:

    I have been to these whitehaven beach, and i must say strolling on the silica sand dunes here is an experience of a life time, everyone must have it at least.

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