When the World has Eight Wonders

Meaning Eight Ganeshas, Ashtavinayak, symbolizes the Hindu god of prosperity. The Ashtavinayak journey is very special to the Hindus in India and all devotees look forward to going to this pilgrimage. Located in Maharashtra state in India, the Ashtavinayak temples are in a particular sequence and they have the eight different idols of the elephant God Ganesha. Expanding over eight temples the Asthavinayak journey is one that has to be experienced to be understood exactly what it is all about. There are temples in Maharashtra but the Ganesh temples near Pune are more popular.


Let us know the destinations one by one

Mayureshwar : The most important of the Ashtavinayak temples, this temple was built with black stone and. The four minarets in this temple give the feeling of being inside a mosque.

Mayureshwar Temple

Shri Mayureshwar Shri Mayureshwar

Situated in Morgaon, this has a nandi which is the divine bull belonging to Lord Shiva. It is unique that you would find a nandi outside the temple of Lord Ganesha as normally only a Shiva temple has a nandi.. The idol has a left turned trunk, a cobra above and also has the two idols of Goddess Riddhi signifying capability and Goddess Riddhi depicting intelligence. The temple is situated in Morgaon.

Siddhi Vinayak temple

Located at Siddahtek, this is the place where it is believed Lord Vishnu killed Madhu and Kaitabh, two demons and prayed to Lord Ganesha. The idol here has a right turned trunk and the only one of its kind.  It is located on the Pune Solapur road.

Siddhi Vinayak Temple


Legend has it that Lord Ganesha once saved a boy Ballala who was tortured by the locals. The temple is made of wood and was reconstructed by the Indian leader Nana Phadnavis. The idol has diamonds in the eyes and also the bellybutton and the shape is like the mountain behind. . The trunk points to the left. Here instead of the usual modak,besan laddu is given. It is situated on the Mumbai PUne highway.

Ballaleshwar Temple Ballaleshwar

Dhundi Vinayak

This temple faces west and which is a rare feature. The idol was thrown  by Ballala’s father and is still worshipped today. Even today people come here before going to the temple at Ballaleshwar.

Varada Vinayak

Located at Mahad, this temple faces east with a left turned trunk and has a perennially lit oil lamp. Here the devotees can come near the idol. It is situated on the Mumbai Pune highway.

Varada Vinayak Temple


Located at Theur, this temple faces north. With a left trunk the eyes are filled with diamonds. It is located on the Pune Solapur road.

Chintamani Temple Chintamani


Situated on the Pune Nashik highway it is located near Talegaon in Lenyadri.

Girijatmaj Temple Girijatmaj


Facing east this temple has a idol with a left trunk and ruby filled eyes. With a diamond on the forehead and navel, this also has the Riddhi and Siddhi idols. It is located on the Pune Nashik road.


Located in Ranjangaon, on the Pune Ahmednagar road, the idol here faces east with a left trunk.

Mahaganapati Temple Mahaganapati

A visit to the Ashtavinayak temple is a soul purifying experience.

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