When Should We Visit Toronto?

The best time to visit Toronto according to many locals and people coming to the city on different seasons is: the falls. During the falls, the skies of Toronto stay sunny and the climate also brisk remains temperate. The falls of Toronto can also be described as the festive season of the city, which makes visit to the city even more exciting during the falls. Visiting Toronto in the month of December can also offer a wide range of remarkable experiences for you; however, try that only if you love moving around on snow clad roads. December is also marked by big celebrations. However, you should avoid visiting the city in January; during this time the temperature lowers significantly; the unbearably cold winds will not allow you to roam around d and make the most of your stay in Toronto.

The summer and spring months will be ideal for you, if you are more keen on visiting the gardens of Toronto. Spring of Toronto runs from the last week of March till mid-May. Occasionally, you may also get snow in April; however, that much snow will never spoil your tour plans. The summer starts from mi-May and extends till the middle of September. The monsoon of Toronto is between mid-September and mid-November.

The definite highlight of the summer months of Toronto is Caribana Festival. This annual festival is also regarded as the biggest street festival of North America. The Caribana Festival first started in the year 1967 and now it draws over 1 million visitors every year from Caribbean Islands, North America and Britain. This street festival is primarily based on the Carnival of Trinidad. During the two week celebration of the festival people participating in it enjoy eating, dancing and playing music of various forms.

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