Whale watching Safari in South Africa

South Africa is the land of many wonders and whether you are in the land or in the waters of the region your eyes won’t stop witnessing wondrous creatures. Be it the flora or fauna every single object will enthrall you to the hilt. Every year thousands of people come to South Africa to quench their wander lust and go away with the mindful of memories and heart full of hopes to return on the riches wonder land of the earth. One of the most interesting safaris of the region is whale watching safari. The safari continues for 13 days and takes you to one of the fascination places where the whale thrive.

The safari starts of with a small tour in the Cape Town. The place has some of the wonderful and breathtaking sceneries and you can enjoy township tour as well as an exclusive tour for baboon watching named as “Walking with Baboon”. You will move to the Cape Peninsula and the tour there will include trip to the penguin colony of Boulders, Simon’s Town and the national park of the Cape Town and can enjoy a drive along the scenically stunning paths of Peninsula.

The whale watching starts on day five as you were taken to cruise names Dyer Island Cruise to those special spots on the sea where whales are mostly found. The cruises have special licenses which allow them to go near the whales at most 50 m apart from them. You can see the biggest mammal clearly as the cruise arrives and stay put at the whale spots.

There are at least 37 different species of dolphins and whales that are found in the sea waters off the South Africa in the sea waters. If you are fortunate enough, you can witness all of them. on your way back you can enjoy viewing the antelopes, lions, cheetah, zebra and many other wild animals.

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