Welcoming Eritrea, Africa

Eritrea can be called as a heart-wrecker, but it was not the same so. In the past, people acknowledged it as a decent travel spot, for gaining the same recognition, a bit of luck could make it. But until the country concentrates on enduring animosity with its neighborhood Ethiopia, tourism will remain a neglected issue. However, talking about Eritrea, it is one of the most mysterious countries of Africa and is destined to be a secret gem.

Most of the tourists’ crowds are familiar with Eritrea’s charm. All the credit goes to Eritrea’s innumerable opportunities for discovering extraordinary retreats which are profuse in the region. As we know that the capital city of Asmara is a great spot as it affords fine views of shimmering colonial architectural wonders in Africa. The region is superb and resembles a film set of an old Italian movie with epoch Italian coffee machines and some of the most attractive artistic and decorative architectures.

eritrea capitalSnuggled on the Red Sea Coast is the arid town of Massawa with a shade of Islamic influence. It also makes a great retreat as it is the starting point for touring to Dahlak islands. Dahlak islands are the slightest polluted with least known reefs over the Red Sea. Moving towards the Southern Eritrea, it presents fine collection of archaeological sights which hail from a rich historical background. The devastated wastelands of Dankalia sprawl to an extensive area towards the south, and are regarded as the most captivating deserted land on the entire Earth.

asmara eritreaAlso, Eritrea shelters variety of multi-ethnic groups that figures up to nine. These vibrant ethnic groups are major attraction of this location. Aren’t these many magnetisms enough to attract you in Eritrea? The most splendid thing about Eritrea is that although it witnesses hard knocks on the faces, it still remains to be the most serene, stable and friendly destination in Africa. If you don’t believe it, come and see it yourself…..

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