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Tie the knot royally. Anyone would agree that getting married is the most exciting and the most awaited occasion in anyone’s life. The person getting married and the relatives and friends equally are excited and thrilled about the new entry in the family. So when on the idea of celebrating this event why not do it the royal way?

Come to this part of the world in North India and visit the area of the three lakes, Pichola, Fateh Sagar and Udai Sagar and you will find yourself in the city of Udaipur. This is a popular Indian destination with the best of scenic beauty and forts and monuments. The lake city as it is called is blessed with a kind of beauty only an artist can express in canvas realistically. This immortal place with its splendid architectural elegance and beautifully carved temples is the one spot for having royal weddings. With the best places available here for a wedding of this kind, Udaipur has the Durbar Hall, Jagmandir, Manek chowk and the Zenana Mahal as ideal spots for having an extravagant wedding.

Royal weddings style

Durbar Hall Jagmandir Manek chowk Zenana Mahal

So wouldn’t you want to get married amidst the surroundings of the most majestic forts and the excellently constructed palaces of Udaipur? This is one experience which you would carry with you throughout life and would always recommend it to people you care for. The Jagmandir in Udaipur is one of the best places for a royal wedding. With the ideal setting for this kind of extravaganza, the place is famous and popular for its architectural elegance. It gives the best hospitality and the most comfortable ambience for an event like a wedding.

With a splendid display of the armory here and the beauty of the lake Pichola in the background, the Zenana Hall is another lovely banquet hall which is suitable place for royal weddings. This is the place where you can get the guests totally hypnotized with the surroundings and completely mesmerized with the settings. The marriage ceremony usually has a number of other ceremonies that follow. So the wedding ceremony on the whole goes on for many days and this is the time you should select such places as the venue as it brings together family, friends and near ones.

Lake Pichola

There are other facilities like excellent accommodation, sufficient and comfortable arrangements made for the guests and beautiful surroundings for the guests to relax in which make the whole idea of having a royal wedding in Udaipur a feasible one.

India is a country which has festivals, events and other occasions as a reason to be together. So a memorable and important event like marriage shouldn’t be given a pass. This elaborate affair can be made special by having such kinds of weddings which remain imprinted on your mind. A royal wedding does just that. It imprints the occasion in your mind forever and you would certainly cherish being treated like a king or a queen for that portion of your life. There are other areas like Samode, Jaipur, Neman and Jodhpur, besides many others in this part of Rajasthan in India to give you the perfect ambience and setting for royal weddings.


So don’t hesitate to come here and experience this aspect of Indian life.

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