Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Kerala Travel Pleasures

With its pleasant climate and a salubrious atmosphere, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful paradise in the state of Kerala in India. With the Lakkidi dale ensconced in between the hills of the taluk of Vythiri, the Wayanad district has today become a great tourist attraction in this part of Kerala in India.

The flora and fauna here is very typical of those found in the western ghats of the Indian subcontinent. The cool climate and the evergreen plantations give a lot of reason for the place to be a heavenly abode for all the tourists who visit this place. With the best plantations of coffee, the Wayanad wildlife region has the most fascinating surroundings and a perfect ambience. Rose wood, mullumurikku, anjili and caussia are other plants that are found here in plenty. The silver oak is also a regular plantation here. This tree is one that grows very fast and is found in between the coffee plantations, thus giving shade to the whole area. Pepper is also widely grown here. Silver oak is also used in the plywood industry thus being a favourite of the farmers. Then you have the tall eucalyptus tree which provides the eucalyptus oil which is sold on a commercial basis. The Wayanad wildlife area also has jackfruits and areca nut, besides having a sufficient expanse of tea plantations. Wayanad has the ideal climate for horticulture which is pursued on a commercial basis here. Orchards and vegetables are also widely grown here and the Wayanad zone is famous for its varied animal life too.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

So you can find the mongooses, squirrels, elephants, jackals, jungle cats, hares, loris, bonnet monkeys and many other kinds of animals here. The Karnataka and Tamil Nadu sanctuaries lie nearby so the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary has a lot of them from these regions too. These wild animals stray from one state to the other and thus the three states share a lot of wildlife in common. The Begur forest zone and the Muthanga forests which lie very near to Sultan Bathery which lies near Wayanad is a great region of intermixing of animas.

With the Malabar greenery dominating the entire region, the wildlife here is found in reserves like the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and the Silent Valley.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary was found in the year 1973 and belongs to the protected zone of Bandipur of Karnataka and the Nagarhole in the northeastern part and the Mudumalai in the south east. There is a plethora of biodiversity in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. With a rich flora and fauna, the Wayanad Wildlife zone is a great conservation region and the local tribals only add to the attraction in the tour here. There are memorable elephant rides that are organized by the Forest Department here so the tourist would never feel bored here in this area.

Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

With its undulating terrain and beautiful hillocks the Karottimala is the highest peak here at a height of around 1158m. Most of the forests here are of deciduous and some semi evergreen forests are also found. You can also find the bamboo, the vengal, venteak and other types of trees here.

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