Walking safari in Northern Kenya

People go for jeep safari and camel safari often but can you imagine going to a walking safari? It can be an amazing experience to walk through the wonders of nature that have been to the lands of Kenya. It is not a tiring walk along the grass and forest lands as is commonly thought from its name. Tourists have the option of deciding the duration of the safari and thus can make the tip delightful in their own terms. Typically, such a trip involves four days and the guests are guided by Maasai tribal and Samburu locales. The trip will be exclusively for the northern part of the Kenya.

The guests will be received either at Porini Rhino Camp or at Nanyuki on the first day and then they will start of with a new and short safari. On your way you will be fascinated to see the herds of Oryx, Zebra and gazelles passing by. You will be walking through the mixed bushes and have to hack your path occasionally to make it able to  walk. The team of people will move on with the pack of camels and you can find recess in portable camps.  The Masaai tribes will guide you through the way. At night you can relax in your night camps.

The entire journey you will continue through the wildlife and you can taste the real essence of living among the world. You can witness the animals and the landscape along the Ewaso Nyiro River. You will be spending the afternoon by the riverside and shall commence your journey again in the evening. You can safely swim in the river or go for angling in the river readily. Walking around the Laikipia Plateau is adventurous and as you are nearing the Samburu National Reserve, your path will be covered with grasses signaling you the forest conserved within.

The experience in overall will be a treasure for you and the snaps will be wonderful souvenirs.

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