Visit India Tipped with Ideas ?

Things to remember while on an Indian trip for the first time. So you are all set to go but what are you supposed to remember and how do you prepare to go to a land that you have never visited? You have heard and you have read about the place. How do you prepare then?

Let us learn how?

Choosing the route

This is a very important thing to do while in India. The trip has to be such that the itineraries are properly booked and you know the destination well. Make sure that you start in the capital city of Delhi then go to Agra to see the Taj Mahal then of course the Pink City Jaipur. Then go and shop at the lovely markets at Delhi. This is called the Golden Triangle Tour. So this is very important. If you want beaches then go to Goa, if trekking then go to Himachal Pradesh, if it is yoga then it is Rishikesh, if it is food then you could go everywhere and tigers in Madhya Pradesh and lovely locales at Manali, and the relaxation at Kerala gives you the complete knowhow of travel tips in India.

Taj Mahal Pink city Jaipur Goa beaches Manali Himachal Pradesh

There are so many places to see and people normally get confused and try to put in a lot in a single tour. Don’t do that . Understand the itinerary and plan and schedule your trip. You will be relaxed and the trip would be good. This is one of the most important travel tips to India.


India is a congested place at certain cities so you have to ensure that you don’t get caught in this. Try to avoid places that are crowded and always see that the quieter places are given a bet against the more crowded places. The lovely mountainous regions, the beautiful scenery at Kerala and the beauty of Ladakh is an ideal way to spend a vacation in India and consider this as one of the best travel tips.

Kerala Ladakh


Health is very important and make sure you do not have water anywhere and everywhere. Ensure you have clean water and the food that you eat also should be something that is hygienic and washesd. Avoid ice and fruits that are unwashed and don’t eat raw food. It is better to be vegetarian and avoid meat if possible. The vegetarian Indian fare is good and so try it out. Make sure that you don’t use the local Indian toilets as it is not very safe. Ensure you wash your hands after you use a public toilet. Carry a sanitizer or a dry soap paper so that you can wash your hands.


Ensure that you are in a good mood as this would ensure you have a nice and comfortable stay. Keep yourself safe from touts and other people as this increases the risks you may face. Don’t get cheated and don’t get carried away. Ensure you don’t lose your temper at anyone.

With such valuable travel tips certainly your Indian trip would be fruitful.

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