Tribal Tales From Nagaland

India is a land of tribes and many castes and communities. With its myriad communities and sects, India is a complete example of unity in diversity. With this adage part of the Indian subcontinent, there are many reasons why tourists like to come to Nagaland. These attractions are not the usual kind of forts, palaces and monuments that is normally found in other places. This land with its idyllic ambience and great surroundings is a virgin land of greenery and nature coming together

Nagaland – a place where you would find the most exotic tribes and the loveliest surroundings. The people who come here like the flora and fauna and the wide variety of species that are found here.


So when you come to Nagaland you would only have one thing in mind- tribes.  Yes, you have read about them in your geography books and now you are going to see them. The tribes are the main Naga attraction. It is the biggest tourist target in this part of India. The lovely weapons and headgears here look very enchanting and different and people love to get this unique experience of seeing people dress differently in a totally different way. There are around 16 tribes that live here and they differ in their lifestyle, tradition and even cultural background. Yet this color and this vibrancy here is what makes Nagaland very colorful.

Nagaland tribes

Kohima is the next destination that you should go to in Nagaland. This is the capital of Nagaland and the place where most of the Naga villages are located. This is a village which has a historical entry gate and looks ideal with its tribal ambience. The architecture and the intricately done handicrafts that are available here is what makes this a great tourist hub. The motifs of the weapons and the symbols of prosperity and the picture of warriors are the mainstay of a tour in Nagaland. Don’t miss to see all of this.

Kohima Nagaland

Again this is the place where you would find the World War II cemetery. This is the cemetery of the soldiers who laid their life during World War II. This is the place where the troops of India and the British stopped the Japanese troops from entering Kohima There is a beautiful lawn  here and there are two crosses here. The inscription on one of the crosses reads “When you go home, tell them of us and say For Your Tomorrow, we gave our today.

Then you have the Shangnya Village which is an 8 ft by 12ft monument made of wood which stands in the middle of the village. This is the place that is believed to be the mastermind of the angels from heaven. The chief rules this village. He is called the Angh. He is elected hereditarily.  There are many stones that are of the memorial variety which are seen in front of the palace.

Besides this, the Japfu Peak, and many other places are of interest in Nagaland and this is the place where you get the famous Naga shawls.

Japfu Peak Nagaland

So a trip to Nagaland is a must on your itinerary.

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