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If ever you visit India, then surely visit western India where lie the states of Gujarat and Goa as also Maharasthra. This is where you would surely find the best architecture, monumental structures and wildlife. Known to have the most pristine of temples in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora and also the best of sanctuaries in Gujarat, this is the place which has the richest of heritage and the most magnificent of monuments which  showcase the architectural beauty of ancient India. The absolutely unique flora and fauna, here alongwith the beauty of the Arabian Sea alongside makes the western region of India an absolute tourist’s paradise.

Gateway of India

The climate in India completely supports the absolutely lovely flora and fauna and Maharashtra the third largest Indian state is an integral part of Indian tour packages. There is a certain blend of modern culture and traditional beliefs that makes the State a total intrigue for all tourists. There are many tourists across the world who come from all parts just to see the Gateway of India, the Aga Khan Palace in Pune, the Elephanta Caves near Mumbai, The Aurangabad Caves and also the beautiful rock cut Ajanta and Ellora Caves. The Ajanta and Ellora Caves are a World Heritage Site which have been built by the Rashtrakutas and other South Indian dynasties.

Aga Khan Palace

Elephanta Caves Aurangabad Caves

Goa is another of the tour packages in Western India and is actually beauty and charm incarnate. A total paradise for tourists, Goa is a great combination of beaches of beauty and lovely golden sands with a great cultural heritage and the most magnificent flora and fauna. With immensely magnificent churches and the best of temples, the magic of Goa is experienced to be believed. A perfect vacation spot this is the ideal place for relaxation, spirituality, sunshine and lots of adventure.


Then of course come to Mumbai, the land of dreams and known for its lovely streets, busy alleys, and the local Markets. Go on a drive down Marine Drive and have a look at the Arabian Sea in full bloom. A great treat for the eyes; this is the place where you could see the Prince of Wales Museum, the Juhu Beach, the Jehangir Art Gallery, the Haji Ali Mosque, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. You also have the Chor Bazaar where you get to buy the antiques of great value.

Marine Drive

Jehangir Art Gallery Haji Ali Mosque

Don’t miss to visit Gujarat in West India. This is a kaleidoscope of culture, art, music, folk dance and architecture. With a great heritage and absolutely rich culture, this is the place where you can see Lothal a great place for civilization. Go to the Sun Temple in Modhera and Krishna’s temple in Dwarka, also the historical Somnath temple and the Jamnagar National Park and get completely mesmerized by the Gujarat beauty.

Sun Temple Somnath temple

West India tour packages without the state of Rajasthan is like the light without sun. With a great many forts, wildlife sanctuaries and palaces this is the place which is the ideal pilgrim spot for many and a historical tour destination for most of the tourists. This is the time when you can see the ARavalli Range and also the mystical sand dunes alongwith the cities of Jaisalmer and Jaipur, and Ajmer.


Go on those West Indian tour packages and enjoy your travel experience.

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