Travel The World Nominally With My Tips

Sounds deceptive but believe me, it’s true. You can venture into the colossal world journey without busting your wallet. To make your expedition successful, you just need to develop trust over others, have good intentions and be optimistic. If you do this, mark my words, you will travel a long way ahead. Actually, travel is very cheap but the tourism industry and hotel chains try to promote themselves by spreading wrong stuffs around. “Come to us and make your deal cheap”, such kind of things you hear from them is actually not true. They try to fool you and charge extra money from you. Behind there promotions lies their selfish interest of fat earnings. They want to get the key of capitalizing that lies with you. Below, I will recommend some tips that can make your trip cheaper and enjoyable.

1.    Embrace the Simple Joy of Travel

The concept of travel pours abundant pleasure in one’s imagination. So, if imagination carries the power to take a person to some another world of happiness, travelling itself bestows with contentment and blissfulness. The journey that opens the door to explore new places, new natural scenic beauties, native cuisines and new lifestyle seems to be a paradise and the feelings generated are incomparable. Travel takes you away from your boring routine life. It starts giving you pleasure in small things like you might be passing through your park everyday but never cherish the small things like flowers, butterflies but when you travel along some new destination and see a new park, it will suddenly grab your eye-balls. Such small things like new people, new language and other such things bring a bright smile in your face. Seek them all alone with your family or closed ones, such small pleasures can’t be afforded by travel packages.

2. Keep Your Needs To A Minimum

In the present days, people have started finding fun in wealth which is actually a materialistic enticement. One just does not need money to attain happiness, to achieve happiness what one needs is air, sufficient food to live, water, safe shelter, a contented inner self, social support, confidence, good will and workout for staying hale and hearty. These all things are so easy to achieve. Food and shelter are the part of our basic needs, these are essential to live.

Other needs that are necessary to live with comfort are available for free. If you have social backings like a good family or helpful friend circle with which you can share your heart openly, you will be happy; this will lead to contentment and boost your confidence. And when it comes to staying healthy you need to go through some exercise or meditation. Goodwill can give you the pleasure that money can’t provide, you will be happy about your own deeds and realize your utility in this world. So aren’t these things scattered around you? So why are you running in search of things that are not of any use to you.

3. Go Slow

As long as you will feel that “time is money,” you will splurge money like water. Think by another way, if you percept it from a new angle like time is for free, you will start benefiting yourself. For example: if you reside in New York and decide tour to Africa for  two weeks holidays, it will become impossible to save money and travel inexpensively until you see the concept Time is money because you will spend money in air plane or tourism packages. But if you give it a total new look, and accept the new angle, instead of an airplane ticket you will catch the way by riding your bike or even you can sail a boat all the way, it will provide you with adventure as well as cost a little.

4. Leave Your Possessions and obsession Behind

The time you are travelling, you are free from loads of tension like you don’t need to worry about your bills generating from room’s rent, laundry, electricity, maintenance, gym etc. You neither need new attires or ties for dressing up formally nor you need a car to reach you job punctually. You do not need cable T.V., oven, or a washer dryer. You are free from each and every tension.

5. Trust People and you will Receive Free Food and Lodging

While voyaging into new trips, re-shuffle your mind with few positive qualities. Try that you start trusting people, this will in turn add to your benefit. Come in conact with new people, try to enhance your social contacts. While you are travelling, get down at their place and get along with them in a friendly and affable manner. Now-a-days people have developed their thoughts and started unconventional behavior; they are willing to offer shelter to tourists at their homes. So, learn some good social manners, help them in their small routine work. In return, you will earn good-will as well as free food.

There are two helpful websites called Couch Surfing and WWOOF which bonds the locals to the travelers. Couch Surfing’s members afford to give shelter at night for a day or two. And another one i.e. WWOOF links travelers to organic farmers who deal for trade room and in turn need a helping hand.

6. Learn a Useful Craft or Skill

It is rational that an individual specializes in some or other skills, may be in domestic chores like cooking and cleaning, animal husbandry, farm work, music, or some other technical stuffs like electronics or website designing. Any of your proficiency in whatsoever field can yield you a tasty meal in exchange of rendering your skills. And also, if you can speak English, then it’s great, it can yield you some delicious delicacies, because it is universally recognized quality. There are masses around the world who desire to learn English, so you can work as ESL tutor.

7. Get Out of the City

Travelling in cities is possible, but adjusting with the situations is very complex. Big cities turn to big projects and invest lot of money to entice the travelers, so in return they expect the tourists from which they can capitalize and cash up. The things like food, accommodation and adventure in big cities can be an expensive deal for you. So if you want to enjoy the fun of travelling, choose destinations that are economical as well as which can afford to bequeath extravagance in cheap. So, this comprehensive package can best be provided by calm and serene hamlets or small cities. Over there you can behold the sights of some exotic flora and fauna, indigenous food and breathe healthy air in impeccable environment.

8. Find a Job You Love That Entails Travel

world travelWant to gain the experience of travel for free? Then believe me this is the most suitable option for you. This will not only earn your daily bread and butter, but also lay opportunities to travel the entire world. For this you need to get involved in such a profession that links you to travel. Seriously, consider this option; it will bestow personal as well as monetary satisfaction. Also, travel and tourism is a flourishing industry which gives way for millions of job every year. So what are you gazing? Go ahead and live your dreams.

But before you head forward, perform your job with moral responsibility. Today’s travel needs responsible guides who can spread awareness about eco-tourism so that they prevent the deteriorating health of the environment. So, go ahead but keep in mind that you do not get involved in expedition.

9. Embrace Serendipity

nominal costsHave an attitude that whatever comes to your way, you will accept it willingly and happily. Expediting an itinerary that is for free demands not only advanced planning but at the same time one must be shrewd enough to grab the things that are coming to his way quickly.

So if you are surfing on free travel sites then make it a point to find out, that does your chat friend of Couch surfing needs a friend who can accompany him when he wants to drive? Immediately lend a helping hand by backpacking your stuffs and riding your bike to his place. He too, will turn happy after seeing your efforts.

And also Kurt Vonnegut has rightly penned down that, “Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.”

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