Travel Tales from Vijaywada

Come to the Indian subcontinent and enjoy the pleasures of being in a land of rejuvenating experiences and greatly fascinating thrills. The state of Andhra Pradesh in India is one such locale which provides the best tourist destinations and the most enthralling tour delights.

Vijaywada in the state of Andhra Pradesh is a place which has the best sights and the most enchanting locales which are filled with a kind of exciting ambience that is only seen to be believed. Also known as Bezawada this is the third largest city in this region and is famous for its juicy tasty mangoes. Located on the banks of the River Krishna, the River Budameru is on the north and the Bay of Bengal is in the east. The western side has the Indrakeeladri Mountain and thus this land is a greatly fascinating land filled with the utmost travel delights. Vijaywada literally means the place of victory is a greatly important place in the southern part of India. This is the largest railway station in this region and Vijaywada is in the stretch of rail line that is between Howrah Chennai route and the Delhi Chennai route.

With many canals running across this place, the farms here are irrigate very well, and this is a major trade and commerce hub in this part of the world. Vijaywada was an integral part of the Vijaynagar Empire and was ruled by the great king Sir Krishna Devrayar.

Most of the Indian legends and myths mention Vijaywada in and it is said that Lord Shiva blessed the great warrior Arjuna of the Indian Epic Mahabharata here and thus created the region of Vijaywada. There is another myth that says that Goddess Durga took rest here in this holy region after he killed a Rakshasha and then named the land as the land of victory or Vijaywada. This is a place that attracts a lot of tourists and the main attractions here are filled with an intriguing travel delight. So come here and visit the Undavalli Caves, the Gandhi stupa atop the Gandhi Hill, the Kanakadurga temple, and the Mogalarajapuram Caves. The Praksam Barrage is also a greatly fascinating land here in the beautiful locales of the city of Vijaywada.

Travelling around the Vijaywada city is very easy and there are facilities of the auto rickshaws, buses and taxis here which help you to go around the place.

Mogalrajapuram  caves
Come to Vijaywada and enjoy the sights of the Mogalarajapuram Caves which are located very near the city and are famous for the three cave temples found here. They are said to belong to the 5th century. There is one cave temple here which has a great carving of the ARdhanarishwara who is believed to be the only such temple in India. These cave temples have the deities of Lord Vinayaka carved and also Lord Shiva in the Nataraja form. This is a very ancient temple and it is very interesting place with the best kind of culture and tradition.

The Kondapalli Fort dates back to the 14th century and is built on the hill which is near Vijaywada. The fort has a rock tower with three stories. It is said that the rock tower was constructed by the Prolaya Vema Reddi. He was the one who founded the Reddi kingdom. There are many historians who claim that the fort was as old as the 7th century. It was King Krishna Deva Raya who built this fort and then it got renovated under Qutub Shahi.

Undavalli caves
Then there is the Dargah of Gareeb Saheeb who is a Persian saint. The entire village is known for the toys that are popularly known as the Kondapally toys. This is also a greatly famous picnic region and attracts a lot of tourists to this part of the world.

Then visit the Undavalli Caves here which are situated in the village of Undavalli in the district of Guntur. This lies near Vijaywada and these caves form a charming sight with the huge statue of Lord Vishnu that is sculptured from a single granite pieces shown in a reclining position.

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