Travel Tales from Raichur

Visit Raichur in India and experience the pleasures of being in a land filled with great pleasures. This is an ancient region and is filled with the ideal delights of a great land. Experience the best archaeology her and enjoy the tradition and culture of a place that is greatly fascinating and get to see some of the best sights in travels to this part of the world.

Visit Bichal in the taluk of Raichur which is very famous for the Sri Saviradevaru Channaveera Shivacharya Swami which has a popular Matha.

Then go to Deodurg which is the headquarters of the taluk here and is around 34 miles lying west from Raichur. Earlier a great stronghold of the chieftains of the Bidar region this has a very ancient fort and is very popular in tours here. Then there is a hill which has talc.

Devarbhupur is another lovely land here and lies in the taluk of Lingsugur and is around 11 miles from Lingsugur. This is very famous for the temple of Amareshwara and flourishes in thee trade of jaggery. This is a temple that is located amidst the hills here which have great greenery. There is a big fair here and takes place in the Phalgun month where a cattle fair was held.

Raichur attractions

Then of course there is the region of Devarsugur which is located on the right bank of the River Krishna and is very famous for the Veerabhadra temple. The annual fair of the temple is held in the Marghashira month and has a lot of people coming here.

When we went to Raichur for an official engagement we made sure we got to see some of the best places here. So the beautiful sights here and also the ideal tour delights ensured that we were in the right place to delve down the historical lane.

We went to Gabur in the taluk of Deodurg and here we saw the old inscriptions and temples here in the walls of the temples. In the olden days this was a major centre of education and this was called the Gopuragrama. The Male Shankara, the Ishwara, the Bassapa Bangara and the Hanuman temples are very popular here. This is a place where you get to see some of the most fascinating ruins of a great temple. There are three mathas, a gateway which is called the Chandi gage and it has a temple on either side. The male Shankara temple is made of high plinth and grey stone.  The temple has carvings that are plain and this is due to the rough stone. There are two tablets with inscriptions and these are found in the western and northern entrances and there is a huge cistern that is seen in front of the temple.

The Venkateswara temple has three shrines, and it has a linga and two images of Lord Vishnu. There are carvings on the walls of the temple and these carvings show figures showing various animals and deities and it is simply mesmerizing to see the lovely sights here. There are masonry steps here and these are called Sat Baoli or seven cisterns. Then there is the Ganni Gudi Matha which we visited and it had a lovely door that had beautiful carvings. We saw a tank which was almost in ruins. Then we went to the Bangara Basappa temple which had a shine with images of two nandis and Lord Ganesha. Gabbur had beautiful enclosure walls and the square structure of the bastions is very Muslim in design.

Places to visit in Raichur

There was an inscription that goes back to the time of 1109 AD and it belonged to the time of Vikramaditya VI of the dynasty of the Chalukyas belonging to Kalyana. Today this is found in the Hyderabad Archaeological Museum. It originally belonged to a temple of the Jains at Gabbur. This was an agrahara town sometime in the 12th century AD. There is also a Jaina temple which is called the Nagara Jinalaya and the Brahma Jinalaya.

Then we visited the Gandhal region in the taluk of Raichur which is located around 20 miles to the south of Raichur. It has the Panchamukhi Prana Devaru temple which has an idol of Hanuman with five faces which is found on a hill.

Then we went to Gurugunta in the taluk of Lingsugur which was the chief town of samsthana belonging to the Naiks and this is related to the chiefs from the regions of Shorapur and Kankgiri. In the olden days the chiefs had allegiance to the kings of the Vijayanagar Kingdom and also the Adil Shahs of Bijapur. The Gurugangtha samsthana had actually withstood the Nizams and got added to this district in the year 1949.

Then again the taluk of Lingsugur we went to Hutti which is around 11 miles from this place and is very popular as a site for gold mines.

Raichur sightseeing

Jaladurga was another important place in the Linsugru taluk and this is an island fort that is located in the River Krishna region and this was earlier a very important fort of the Adil shahs of Bijapur.

Then there was Jawalgera lying in the taluk of Sindhanur which is around 54 miles from the city of Raichur. This has a Central State Farm which had an area of around 7 acres.

There are many places to visit in RAichur and it is very intriguing to visit this place.

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