Travel Tales from Namibia

Visit Africa and enjoy the pleasures of being in Namibia the land of ecstatic pleasures and great tour delights. This is a perfect way to start your self tours in Africa. Namibia is a country that has great geographical variety. It has a greater part of the Kalahari Desert and lies in the eastern part of the country. The north has the Etosha Pan which is an awe inspiring game rich area and has a great variety of species.

The Namib Desert and the Skeleton Coast are found along the western sea side. The sand dunes here are said to be one of the largest in the entire world. Namibia is a captivating land and its sense of space is really unbelievable.

Namib desert

Namibia is one of the most favoured destinations in Africa and there are long distances that are covered here. Travels here are really very exciting and the itineraries and the tours here are really something to take home about.

The Fish River Canyon is another interesting place to visit in tours to Namibia and this huge landform is around 100 miles long and 20 miles wide. The Fish River flows through this and it meets the Orange River which lies around 45 miles to the south of the canyon.

Fish river canyon

The way this river has got erosive is one of the reasons for the canyon to be formed. It has been wearing away at its base for more than thousand years and the gorge today is more than 1500 feet deep.

The Fish River is seen to flow only between the months of March and April. Thereafter for two months it is only a trickle and it forms a number of pools that are found lying at the base of the canyon.

Fish river

Tourists also come here to enjoy hiking and it is indeed an exciting experience to go across the canyon and explore the internal areas. The formations of natural origin here are a sight to behold. So a journey to this beautiful locale is a must in tours here.

Then visit the Skeleton Coast which is one of the places that attracts all to this part of the world. It has a sense of beauty and loneliness that cannot be matched elsewhere and has many kinds of shipwrecks that are seen to have occurred along this part of the coastal region of the country. the shipwrecks occur due to the fog that has been caused when the cold Atlantic Waters meets the warm Namibian shore water.

Atlantic waters

Then there is the Waterberg Plateau which is found lying in between the Windhoek and the Etosha National Park. This is a lovely sandstone formation that rises upto 600 feet and has a great landscape.

As the plateau experiences the rainwater filtering through it gets to a slanting layer of mudstone. It forms an aquifer here from where water seeps through a number of springs found at the foot of the cliff. The entire area is surrounded by luscious vegetation and today it is a great breeding place for the animals like buffalo, black rhino, roan antelope and the sable.

Black rhino

Go to the dunes of Sossuvlei which is located in the Namib Naukluft Park and see the lovely Sossulvei dunes which are a great sight in Namibia. This is a land filled with ideal colossal landforms and the loveliest sunrise and sunset. The dunes look beautiful and magnificent here and the sight of the terracotta colours totally mesmerizes the tourists.

Then you have Kaokoland, Damaraland, the Etosha National park and the Etosha Pan all of which give you a great experience of a lovely land of thrill and excitement. With the unbelievable birdlife and game pleasures, Namibia is certainly a land to visit in African tours.


Visit Namibia and come back with a fantastic travel kitty laden with ideal tour delights.

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