Travel pleasures in the World Shakespeare Festival

The World Shakespeare Festival is an event that is held in memory of the greatest playwright in the world William Shakespeare. This is produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It has collaborated with the leading United Kingdom and other international arts organizations. It is a major international event which is produced by the Shakespeare Globe. The World Shakespeare Festival is actually part of the Cultural Olympiad and would feature in the London 2012 festival.

World Shakespeare Festival 2012

The British Council is in support of some of the international partnerships that are related to the education programmes.

Two Roses for Richard III

This would be in the Courtyard Theatre from May 7 to May 12 at Stratford upon Avon. Again from May 18 to May 23 it would be in Roundhouse in London.

This production Two Roses for Richard III  is a play which is inspired by the history plays of Shakespeare and is a combination of the text of Shakespeare with multimedia, circus, aerial choreography and visual metaphor. So we would see Renato Rocha of Companhia Bufo Mecanica developing a new piece which is inspired by the tragedies of Shakespeare. There would be a group of local teenagers who would perform Side of Love. there is an underground space at the Roundhouse . The RSC and the British Council would be working with the partners in Brazil on a programme on education which would explore what Shakespeare would mean to the youth.

Two Roses for Richard III

Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad

This is another play that would be showcased in Swan Theatre in Stratford upon Avon and is from April 26  to May 5. this is a version of Romeo and Juliet from Iraq . This would be done by Baghdad’s Iraqi Theatre Company and is adapted by Monadhil Daood. This is set against a conflict between communities and families and also generations and is mixed with the rich traditions of music and poetry and ritual and this is a new Romeo and Juliet for the present generation. This is in Arabic with English subtitles.

Romeo And Juliet In Baghdad

A Soldier in Every Son

This is an Aztec Trilogy which is shown in Swan Theatre in Stratford upon Avon. This is a co production from the Royal Shakespeare Company and national theatre of Mexico and is controlled by Luis Mario Moncado. The play is inspired by the history plays by Shakespeare. There is a lot of intrigue, power, and passion and it is played out in a political thriller and is in three parts. This spans an entire Aztec history and is in Spanish with English subtitles.

A Soldier in Every Son

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This is on August 10 and August 18 and  is in Royal Shakespeare and is on Stratford Upon Avon. This is from August 10 and September 2 . This is some of the most fascinating talents of this generation and is from Russia and the artist and director Dmitry Krymov and is a remarkably visually inspiring representation of the Midsummer Nights’ Dream. See this lovely magical comedy and see this beautiful dream like never before.

Then there is Macbeth Leila and ben and also Cymbeline , the Comedy of Errors and the Worlds Together as also the Worldwide Classroom which is a lovely showcase of the most fascinating pleasures of the best kinds of talented display.

A Midsummer Nights Dream

The comedy of Errors is by the Rah e Sabz Afghanistan company which is on May 30 and May 31 which is in the Globe theatre London. This is very popular for the controversial productions where women and men act together. This is a production that is being rehearsed in Kabul at the British council till the building was attacked last year. This is a performance that promises to be a fantastic moment for celebration and is created totally under difficult conditions. this is the first time that the group leaves for Kabul for the first time to showcase their talents.

William Shakespeare is a very famous playwright and is popular across the world. The World Shakespeare Festival commemorating him is the best thing that would involve the entire world with William Shakespeare.

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