Travel Pleasures from Laguna Lachua

Visit the lovely region of Guatemala and see the pleasures of the Laguna Lachua come alive. Come here and bask in the pleasures of a greatly fascinating land filled with the ideal travel delights. This is the place where you get to see the best sights of an ecological island and experience the pleasures of a square patch of forest floating on a lovely sea of deforestation.

There are boundaries that make up the sight here and the fields and the absolutely jaw dropping ambience leave you gasping for more. Come here by land and appreciate the beauty of this beautiful park filled with the best sights of nature. Lachua National Park spans over an area of 14,500 hectares of land It is one of the most beautiful places today on earth and in spite of all its challenges it has the best sights to offer to a tourist. So bask in the lovely pleasures of the lagoons here and see the great La Sultana which is a magnificent forest peak here. The tranquility and serenity of the entire region fills your tours with the best pleasures.

With more than 300 species of birds here the place is an absolute haven for keel billed toucans and parrots. One can see the jaguars roam here and the sight of their huge footprints is very exciting as also thrilling.

Travel Laguna Lachua

There is something serene about the waters here and the Caribbean like water has deposits of calcium and also high sulphur levels. This probably shows the presence of petroleum underneath. The lake  is found lying below sea level at a height of around 173 metres above the sea level It is around 222 metres deep . There are lot of theories behind the formation of the lake the main one being that an old meteor crater resulted in its formation. The rest of the meteor created another lake in the Coban area which is today called the Nim Tak’a depression.

There are lot of facilities for cooking, shelter and bunk beds,hiking trails, showers, and also rented canoes. There are hammocks which add to the adventurous spirit.. the main entrance to the park is a few kilometres before the Playa Grande. So as you walk up the four kilometre from the entrance to the lake side, you would surely love to see the lovely forest trail here.

Guatemala is thus a great tourist’s destination that has made it very difficult for all those off track experiences Today the Laguna Lachua still has a lot of places to be discovered and has some important gems to be visited.

Laguna Lachua Tour attractions

Laguna Lachua is a greatly perfect spot that has the best sights of clear pristine water. the nickname that is given to this place is”El Espejo del Cielo” which means the Mirror of the Sky Tourists love to see the sight of the beautiful scenery ad also the absolutely heavenly sky. The lagoon is the place where you get to see some of the best fish species and crocodiles the glassy blue surface combined with the scenic beauty around is a great way of enjoying the tours here.

Laguna Lachua is totally surrounded by a dense forest which is filled with the best wildlife. So you would get to see the best wildlife here like the tapirs, the jaguars, the snakes the birds etc. There are lot of things to do here and thus the scenery here is totally enchanting.

Laguna Lachua is not a place that is accessed easily and all the adventure and trek enthusiasts love to come to this part of the world and bask in the pleasures of a totally different land filled with the ideal pleasures of tour delights and travel ecstasies.

Laguna Lachua Tour information

Some of the best pleasures are had here in the beautiful region of Guatemala which has the best sights for trail and tour luxuries. Come  here and enjoy the sights of a greatly mesmerizing locale and go back with the perfect travel quotient

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