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Come to the beautiful land of Kerala, God’s own country and bask in the ambience of a great land filled with the ideal kinds of tour attractions. Come to the lovely Rainforest hotel here and enjoy the lovely ambience and the beautiful surroundings. This is the best way one can unwind in the beautiful locales of fascinating Kerala. The Rainforest boutique resort is situated in these beautiful settings of Kerala and is like a blessing from Mother Nature. With the misty sprays of the majestic Athirapally Waterfalls at Chalakudy in Kerala, offering the ideal scenic sights and with the pleasures of the wilderness seeping into your psyche, the simple travel delights are a great way of offering ideal tour memories. As the 80 foot high waterfall rumbles down the region, the exotic inhabitation of birds is another added attraction here. With the most natural ambience and the ideal warmth of a great land filled with the best of tour attractions, the Rainforest Hotel is a perfect way of enjoying your stay here. The pristine ambience of the Sholayar rainforest gives you the luxury of a great heaven filled with the most fascinating sights. Get into this heavenly ambience and enjoy the warmth of the silky quilts and enjoy the beauty of the comforts here.

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The Rainforest Hotel is a beautiful hotel set in the beautiful surroundings of a virgin rainforest. Spanning over 7 acres this is a great way of enjoying the stays here. The surroundings of the Sholayar forest is a perfect paradise for all who come here and this is one of the reasons tours here are greatly enjoyable. The rhythms of the forest here is like a lullaby for people who come here. The beautiful ambience of the tropical rainforests is known as the jewels of the Earth due to the rich biodiversity here and due to the unique kinds of animals and plants that are found here. With the most fascinating kinds of reptilian species, and the ideal kind of mammals and amphibians, the immense variety of medicinal plants and herbs is a great attraction. The green canopy and the beautiful natural surroundings makes the Rainforest lodge a great paradise.

Rainforest Hotel is reached only by a road that is found winding through the stretches of trees and hills and thought the luscious stretches of the beautiful rainforests. A great place to unwind, this is a great way of relaxing away from the civilization outside. It is a unique experience and get closer to Nature. This is indeed a sublime experience and it just an hour’s drive from here.

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There are six luxury rooms there that take you inside the elegant interiors. The services here are very prompt and the mini bar here is a great facility. The furniture is very stylish and it is extremely graceful. The comfort level is high and as you look out of the windows here there is a beautiful sight of the forest stretch here. A lot of care has been taken to keep the room absolutely insect and dust proof. The shower here is very convenient and tourists love to relax in the welcome surroundings of the beautiful Rainforest lodge.

The premium rooms are another mesmerizing experience as you would get the breathtaking view of the waterfall from the rooms here. The furniture is decorated tastefully and is full of aesthetics and elegance. The d├ęcor here is very elegant and the terracotta floors add to the look. Then there is the beautiful dark wood furniture which provides a greatly memorable experience for the tourist. With the in room Jacuzzi facilities the bathroom here also has a magnificent view outside.

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The celestial room is another room here in the Rainforest hotel. It has been entirely designed to suit all those who need to have something special in their life. The lovely interiors and the beautiful suites lend beauty to the eye and the sight of the misty falls is a perfect luxury for all and thus the Rainforest hotels become a must see in this part of the world.

Come to the beautiful ambience of the Rainforest hotel and enjoy the tours to Kerala in South India.

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