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Visit Europe and come back with fascinating stories of places here. Enjoy the travels here and bask in the pleasures of ancient cities and magnificent regions. Visit the unique and special city of Amsterdam. In spite of the obvious crowd that is seen here, there is a certain charm to the place. Amsterdam is surely not a place to be  missed when one comes to this part of Europe. Just take a stroll along the streets which are narrow like canals and enjoy the ambience here. Or else you could just sit in the innumerable cafes in Amsterdam and seep in the beauty of this city. There are many places that give you a feeling of being in a great land filled with the maximum excitement and pleasures.

Go to the Civic Guards Gallery and visit this city old centre which has been formed due to many canal rings. This gives you a great experience of being in a land of freedom, space and peace. Just enjoy the boat trips here and embark in one of those boat cruises which are famous forms of travel delights here. There are many people who take a bicycle and enjoy travels  here. Enjoy this experience for you would realize that you are in one of the most fascinating cities of the world.

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Then of course there is the Maritime Museum which is really an enchanting place filled with the pleasures of a land that exudes lot of historical pleasures. There is a 17th century sail ship here that is a major attraction here amongst the many other exhibits in the museum. There is a rich collection of old maps, fine paintings and lovely models of ships which prove interesting in tours to this part of the world. It is certainly a unique experience to understand the history of this region and thus Netherlands slowly grows into your psyche. This was a very small nation that was incidentally a great sea power in ancient times.

Visit the Rijksmuseum which is actually the largest museum in Netherlands and has more than 1 million visitors each year. This museum is actually under renovation for a long time but a small portion of the museum is still open. The Masterpieces is an exhibition here that has works of the Dutch art of the 17th century and reflects a lot of aspects of the Dutch tradition and culture. The treasury with its beautiful doll houses from a period of the past is something to cherish in travels here.

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Then of course you have the Van Gogh Museum which has lovely sketches and paintings. There are around 200 paintings here and more than 550 sketches which show Van Gogh in many of his moods. This is incidentally the biggest in the world collection here and has many letters written by Van Gogh. There are also many selected works that have been done by the contemporaries and the friends of this great painter. This is the main feature of the collections in the museum.

Then there is Begijnhof which is a lovely passageway that is found in this part of the city and has actually leads into a lovely garden and is bordered by old houses. This is found in the heart of the town and today there are old ladies that have replaced the absolutely Beguine nuns. No. 34 is the oldest house in the city and entry is free here . This is just a little way from the street of Kalverstrrat. There is a craved sign here.

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Go to Oude Kerk which is a church for the Protestants and has small houses that cling to the sides. This is  a tranquil zone and is at the centre of the Red Light district. There are buildings here which are built in the style of the Gothic renaissance architecture. The bell tower is one major landmark here that has been built  in similar  architecture. This bell tower was used by the sailors to get the bearings. There are many who just like to take a walk here and enjoy the nightlife here. The church area is a great place where people love to enjoy the ambience and the surroundings.

Tourists also like to visit the Amsterdam Brown Café which is a great place to be in.

Visit Amsterdam and enjoy the pleasures of a lovely city.

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