Holiday destinations: Top Ten destinations you must visit before you die

For once in a lifetime experience, the top list of destinations that you should visit before you are dead. And if you miss out on these then you taking with you to your grave remorse and regret for loosing such extravagance of holiday experience of these places.

Recession is going out and its time you gear back to your holiday moods and spirits. And these entire places are top in giving value to each buck you spend. Some countries and few cities comprising this list will befit you for all travel brazil nightlifeexperiences and of great value.


You ought to be in Brazil for FIFA World Cup, Ronaldo and Rinaldo all playing soccer and kicking the ball around. And in 21026 you have Olympics; well both the sporting events will make you book the tickets well in advance. These sports events are not just that are keeping Brazil on traveling radar, rather its beauty of nature and thrilling adventure it gives making it one of the top holiday destination. And the lifestyle and kind of crowd it provides will get some pumping in your body. Rio’s carnival, the rave of madness and sultry beauty of long leggy beauties in Brazilian Bikinis and bare chest hunks, do I need more to tell. Brazil has culture, and rocking nightlife. Adding the high of Brazil is its treasures of Nature: Mystique and alluring Amazon for exploration and gorgeous beaches. Even the boutique hotels, eco lodges and so many five star hotels and beach resorts makes you stay a pleasure sin.

United States:

Mentioning United States as a country is because you cannot just mention the biggie list of its holiday destinations. From Beach resorts of Malibu, National Parks Like Grand Canyon, Uttah, Yellowstone etc which are spectacular and amazing gifts of nature, wildlife and exciting and thrill adventure activities like Skiing, hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, river rafting and so much more. Driving through sun shining Florida state, city break in Philadelphia and lazy evening in Wyoming, Jade Mountains and Jackson hole. Missing out on Hollywood and Las Vegas Casino for hangovers, United States has so much of Holiday Destinations.

malibu beach

Iceland:Reyjkavik hot spring

Iceland you can’t even think once also of giving it a miss. Iceland is of excellence of natural beauty and has such great literary history. A holiday destination that is cheaper yet more superb and incredible nation. Now within the reach of traveling folks, you will love to experience the Northern lights- where the sun seems to be too stubborn and doesn’t let the night come. Explore Aurora Borealis, which is such a divine sight as if bestowed as a gift from Mother Nature. Taking city break in Iceland’s Reyjkavik. Will be a wonderful experience of holiday. Reyjkavik with a backdrop of brightly colored homes and dipping and diving in hot springs in Reyjkavik in southwest Iceland.


Mostly visited by Americans, but this place is for each and everyone in world to explore and spend holidays. As US government has ceased the control and with easing of travel restrictions on Cuba, it has been flourishing and becoming a travel destination on list of people who love travel and especially for people who love to sing and dance. Cuba a one of the holiday’s destinations which is rich and known for its music is gaining on popularity. And its cheap, Casa takes the acclamation with homestays ranging from $15 per night accommodation in a room. Just not for it being a cheap holiday destination, its best place to have mojito in Havana and dancing to the beats and shaking your ass in Trinidad.

South Africa:

In 2010, FIFA World Cup, is here and soccer or football fans flocking the country like migratory birds. South Africa has so much more, Exploring the Four Beaches, Climbing on table Mountain, taking a cable ride, wine tour in Stellenbosch, and there are big-five animals of Africa in a malaria free national park. KwaZulu Natal will give you good destination for swimming in your holidays and as the water temperatures are apt with 23 degrees year round. And subtropical climate and destination such that calls in family as well as honeymoon couples and all singles looking out for date can head in here. People watching are best done here.

KwaZulu Natal


London wants to be a holiday destination and so good news now it’s affordable and has become more accessible for holiday visitors coming from abroad. Listing itself on list of holiday destinations in 2010, this capital of United Kingdom is no more of world’s expensive place to visit. London is like a dream city on the banks of River Thames. High on elegance and lifestyle with a place to go fashion shopping and getting brands and bug names in one place along with enjoying the theatre and art as London is place for literary, art, museums and cinematic reference. With nightclubs like the Cuckoo, young people revel in London. Ferry yourself on Europe’s largest ferry wheel The London Eye.

london museum


This is it- the holiday destination which will offer you the glimpse of worlds biggest mountains and if you have enough guts and adrenalin in your blood veins then go for climbing the peak of Mount Everest. Though there are other very good mountains and peaks to climb and conquer. A destination to do trekking is Nepal. With increasing in tourism coz of trekking adventure Nepal is calling you for spending your holidays here. Opt for Gokyo trek/ Annapurna region with Annapurna Mountains and Annapurna sanctuary. All these will give you experience of top class mountain climbing and trekking and as well as chance to see the wild flora and fauna. Also here there is river rafting to be enjoyed. Government in building new roads to assist travelers. Other then that there is Lumbini and such places where you can marvel at Buddhist architecture and see the pilgrimage places as well.

mount everest


Melbourne sportsThough Sydney gained the fame, but Melbourne is now catching and soon will surpass it in list of travel destination in Australia. With more and more airlines connecting the city, Melbourne is a good base to start further the Australian holidays. Melbourne is rightly Australia’s cultural capital and major events hosting especially premier sports related events. Melbourne as a city has tinge and vibe of sophisticated Europe, but with the laid back ambience.

Hong Kong:

This city doesn’t need any introduction, an apt place to spend holidays which has so many pleasures. Even as you are arriving in the city through its airport it is pleasure. Hong Kong once a stop over destination. Now has developed itself into a full fledge Holiday destinations in Asia. From being an international center for economy and housing world’s major companies’ headquarters, its beauty has nature bestowing gifts to it through the foliage of Victoria Peak. Exploring the city, this is so gleaming with shinning glass towers. Here you can fill your heart with eating all world’s cuisine as well as Chinese and local delicacies and go for sightseeing the various places. Macau is also distance of hour or two for Las Vegas style gambling. Shopping is pleasure here, with night shopping as well availability of big brands and many boutiques here. Kyrgyzstan


Well an off beat name and destination, but its one place where your holidays will be so memorable and nothing else but return journey will fill in the thirst for holidays. It’s one such holiday destinations, which has one the most spectacular mountain scenery along with adventures in most natural form. Capital Bishkek is connected well with flight schedules and has direct flights from UK. With so warm and hospitable people and the way they greet makes you feel so welcome, there is no red tapism, and there is no requirement of visa. The place has not been touched by commercial traveling. The vistas are so beautiful like rocky streams, specially see Kyrgyz range.

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  1. Klose says:

    All the above destinations has covered almost all the parts of the world! There are still some places which are worth a visit.

  2. Mona says:

    Nepal is really wonderful place! Amazing hilly ranges to see and the best and deadliest Himalayas!

  3. Nelly says:

    South Africa. the land of animals! Amazing continent and thrilling place! Hufe fields filled with variety of mammals. Everything here is just truly superb!

  4. Pam says:

    Australia is a beautiful country. All the sides have unique and varied culture to show.

  5. Pam says:

    Iceland is true beauty of nature!

  6. Rosa says:

    Iceland is true beauty of nature! No one can miss this place.

  7. Shaggy says:

    Brazil!! Rio de Janeiro! world’s best festival and people where great legends like Ronaldo, ROnaldinho, Pele were born and an amazing place for a visit as well!

  8. Teddy says:

    United States a complete continent! Las Vegas, Canada, New York, Costa Rica and many more!

  9. Velorie says:

    London yet has the charm to grab the tourists all over the world! Day by day its getting better and better.

  10. Warner says:

    I reckon New Zealand is the destination not to be missed! Its a small world of its own! great weather, amazing natural and snow beauties!

  11. Yuri says:

    Kyrgyzstan! what a name. I bet hardly anyone will be knowing this place exicts on earth.

  12. Zack says:

    During Fifa world cup, everyday is a carnival like atmosphere in Brazil! People live, eat and die for soccer!

  13. Albie says:

    India is also a destination worth a visit! The most number of languages spoken country with amazing variety of cultures and awesome traditions!

  14. Brut says:

    Kyrgyzstan I’ve heard this name for the 1st time in this blog. I do like this site and I am sure this place will be good.

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