Top Ten Destinations of 2010

Now that New Year has begun, don’t get busy so soon! There are whole lot of countries which offers tourists comfort and fun, at economical rate. 2010 is a good year for most of the countries, which have many projects implemented for tourism. We are going to tell you such top ten from our list of countries where you will have some surprise and fun altogether!

Columbia1) In our list, Colombia top’s first. The Columbia once known to be the centre of cocaine cartel of the South America is now changed. The capital city of Columbia, Bogotá has many things stored to attract tourism. The city has promising attraction of mix of culture, activity and relaxation at the economical price. The city has many new opened hotel and restaurants that offer good quality service and for sightseeing, there is everything for everybody from parks to historical landmarks, clubbing to relaxing beaches and museum to shopping. According to us, the beaches are one place you cannot miss out going to. The beaches are filled with vibrant culture and pristine water!

Best time to go: Enjoy arid sunny days in December-March, and July-August.

2) India, the land of multi-lingual and diverse culture! India is known for its history and culture. The cities are alive byIndia kerala the culture and traditional festivals but this time it’s going to be different. Not because of culture or anything else but India is hosting the World’s Commonwealth Games this year 2010. It’s been held in the capital city of India, Delhi, from third October to fourteenth October, 2010. So to welcome the their guests and to take care of the travelers, India is going through renovation of transportations, hotels and restaurants, and there wouldn’t be any language barrier either, the government has made basic education of English must for every employee handling the project. Delhi is full contrast to the other remote part of the country. It is filled with chaos, modern buildings with historical landmarks whereas states like Kerala have beautiful beaches and relishing natural beauty and much more.

Best time to go: Soak up the buzz of the 2010 Commonwealth Games in October.

New Zealand skiing3) New Zealand is the land where there is must to do activities. You won’t be able to ignore or avoid the adventurous sports that this country has to offer. All round the year you will always find something to do in this breathtaking picturesque like in winter the place attracts tourist for glacier hiking, skiing and in summer you have water sports like wind surfing, snorkeling, etc, and trekking and hiking in forest, bungee jumping and much more. In 2010, the eco and adventure tourism just takes off in speed offering range of luxurious adventure and greenery to shopping and vibrant nightlife and natural remedy spas!

Best time to go: For outdoor chase, November to April offers the best conditions, while June to August is good season for skiing.

4) Except for being rich in culture and having many historical shrines, nepal mountainstemples, palaces and other landmarks, Nepal is open for tourism business! Even though the country is going through unstable political issues, the Annapurna region surrounding Nepal and the camps on the Everest Mountain is attracting the trekkers and climbers from all over the world. The travelers are also getting attracted to the paragliding in lakeside Pokara and eager to see the impressive animals like one-horn rhino and Bengal tiger in the national parks. The Himalayas are also one of the best attractions to visit or see from Nepal.

Best time to go: See the outstanding Himalayas at their most welcoming during October to November and March to April.

Cape Town South Africa5) South Africa is in spot light this summer! The country is hosting Soccer World Cup game this summer, so the whole country will be in trance by the soccer enthusiasts. Cape Town the most beautiful city of South Africa is also home for most of the tourists. The city offers safe, secure and comfortable accommodation for the tourists. After the game,  you can visit to the city’s dazzling white sand and beautiful pristine beaches. The city Ubuntu has also made accommodation arrangements for the Soccer fans that are coming for the game. So join the festivities that the country is offering before heading towards adventurous wilderness of South Africa.

Best time to go: Catch World Cup fever in June and July

6) After the twenty decades of civil war, finally Mozambique is making its mark on the Mozambique snorkelingtraveling map.  The country has tropical band of the Indian Ocean and archipelagos close by it. Thus making it a great place snorkeling, diving and fishing. The golden sand and turquoise water of the Indian sea has become the idyllic destination for tourists. South Africa is the neighboring country and has easy access from there. It only takes four hours from the Nelspruit city of South Africa to the capital city of Mozambique, Maputo. So the World Cup travelers can easily go for a day trip at the untouched beach of Mozambique.

Best time to go: Have a dose of golden beach-life from May-November

Stockholm7) In true meaning, capital of Sweden, Stockholm, can be called as eco- friendly city! The city is the archipelago consisting of fourteen islands. The stunning architecture and refreshing green spaces and the politeness of the people, Stockholk makes the stay for tourists a pleasant and clean. The streets are very much clean and the green house gas emission is fifty per cent less than the world average rate and the fuel used for transportation run are renewal fuels but except being, ecology conscious the city offers some succulent seafood.

Best time to go: Enjoy mild temperatures and predominantly clear days from May-October.

8 ) Croatia one of the Europe’s rising star, which is finally shining brightly! Croatia is now growing as Europe’s Coastalcrotia beach and inland wine producer and the flooding with the new hotels and restaurants on the beach sides. To experience the Croatian life, come in February for the Dubrovnik Carnival, which displays Croatian music, and jousting. Dubrovnik, on the southern tip of Croatia, was walled by the traditional, culture of Croatia but now the walls has been broked, and now the place has many cozy cafes surrounded by the baroque architecture. The beach makes the Croatia a very cool place for holidays stay which include crystal blue water and ride in yachts.

Best time to go: See Croatia’s popular beaches at their best from May to September

9) 2010 calendar is full packed by the events organized by the turkey! Just from the day one of the year, turkey has many events lined up. The biggest event from all is the FIFA, which is hosted by the Turkey from 28th august to September 12th, 2010. But the before months are promising too which included traditional and cultural festivals, art galleries held by the turkey. To just escape the hustle and bustle of the turkey, do on a day trip to the near by island, Prince Island. The island is very interesting, as you have to travel by horse drawn carriages or walk. Even you wish for a car you wouldn’t get one, as the island is car free zone! To relax and calm yourself, Turkey offers vast beautiful coastlines and if you still don’t find it attractive enough then escape to Mediterranean shores!

Best time to go: Avoid the extreme summer heat by visiting between April to May and burj dubaiSeptember-October.

10) How can anyone miss Burj Dubai in Dubai! Just got inaugurated on 4th January 2010 has become the center of attraction of Dubai. It’s the tallest building in the world, measuring two thousand two hundred and seventeen feet, is the pride of the emirates in Dubai. Another destination in United Arab Emirates is the Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is the most expensive city in the United Arab Emirates. But the city has so much to offer from the impressive culture to the shopping malls and high skyscrapers to royal palaces.

Best time to go: Visit in October-November and February-March to avoid the most roasting summer temperature and the possibility of cold December and January days.

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  1. Brian says:

    This is a pretty good list and I have been to a few of these places, Stockholm being the most recent.

    Bit surprised not to see France in the list, purely because of the vast range of different options.
    Brian´s last blog ..Le Moulin is Looking Ready for a Christmas in France My ComLuv Profile

  2. Chris says:

    Great guide! I wish I had time to visit all of them :(

  3. Tissot says:

    I’ve been to India and it was a great trip! I just loved it! The Taj mahal, India Gate! Kerala Back water ride!

  4. Ure says:

    I’m just wondering Australia and New Zealand are not in the list. They are one of the most amazing destinations to visit!

  5. Veronica says:

    From this vast variety there are many places which are not selected as the destinations.

  6. Warner says:

    I am shocked to see Croatia, Colombia, Turkey and Sweden in the line. I’ve never seen or heard about these places in any newspapers or magazines.

  7. Xabi says:

    South Africa is the best destination for wild life and I just love to be between them! So thrilling!

  8. Zack says:

    Are you kidding me? No Las Vegas? This is a joke or something.

  9. Adam says:

    I believe that Mozambique is the untouched beauty! Very very few people must be knowing about this place.

  10. Bruce says:

    I am amazed to hear about Croatia. These are some of the destinations which should be marketed to be known.

  11. Carla says:

    Except India, South Africa and Dubai all are untouched beauties of the world!

  12. Don says:

    Columbia as no. 1! That’s really surprising!

  13. Ema says:

    These destinations are seriously top ten destination?? Either people don’t have much choice or else this article is crap.

  14. Fiona says:

    I liked the way they have described about the places. Specially the time to visit. That help a lot!

  15. Gutmann says:

    This article is like a favour because every year million people go mad about the destinations and time to visit.

  16. Habsa says:

    New Zealand is truly a place to visit. Go anytime you will just love it!

  17. Jacob says:

    If you’re a thrilling athlete or an adventurer or full of life then New Zealand and South Africa are the places to visit!

  18. Kevin says:

    Dubai! Best architecture ever in the world!

  19. Lee says:

    Huge shopping malls! Great buildings, Best architecture and now world’s tallest building! DO I need to mention the name of the place.

  20. Michael says:

    World’s biggest project ever of world Island! Where you will get the exact shape of the country you live in. This is possible only in Dubai.

  21. Nannes says:

    Dubai’s heat sucks a big time!! Its unbearable during summer. Don’t even think to visit it during summer.

  22. Good post, useful information too. I usually go on local holidays, but this year I will be staying near Ebbsfleet then catching the high speed rail over to Europe- will have to bear this post in mind!


  23. Excellent post! These are really the best destinations to spend holiday. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Inda says:

    Its greatttt to see Nepal in there…ofcourse its truly beautiful and extraordinarily amazing place on earth..roof of the world Mt. Everest as well as range of mountains including 8 top highest peaks in the world is a pride…numbers of cultural world heritage sites and thousands of temples, monasteries and ancient arts beyond the imagination…culture and diversity is everywhere…people are amazing too so helpful and friendly..its a natural beauty on earth!!!!

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