Top 5 Winter Vacation Spots

Here you will get know about top 5 winter vacation spots so Still thinking where to go for winter vacation? Now days we have so many travel operators, offering special tour packages according to the need of the traveler, which put the travelers into more difficult situation of making a choice among so many options. We have top five traveling destinations organized by the tours operators, where you will spend your top winter vacation destinations luxurious and will also e able to spend quality time with kids and loved ones. In our list is the, Kenya – to have a close look at the wild. Second is the Colorado – for the winter sport, third is the Big Island’s Kona Coast – perfect family destination, fourth is the Galápagos Islands – interesting place to explore the wild, and last but not the least is the Mamaku Plateau in New Zealand – full of adventure sports. So top 5 winter vacation spots is given below.


Africa is a very famous country for going on an adventurous safari tours. There are so many tours operators but the best is the Abercrombie & Kent Family Safari in Kenya, Africa. The perfect treat for the winter to the families with an eagerness for adventure is the safari in Africa.

kenya safariAbercrombie & Kent Family Safari in Kenya has been organizing the safari tours in Kenya for half century, which makes them masters among other tour operators. In 1962, a British family living in the East Africa started organizing safari tours for family and travelers. The whole tour is of eleven days, starting from airport of the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. It is known to be the Kenya’s political, cultural and economic hub. From the airport only, all your traveling and staying are taken care of. The tour includes a visit to the Baby Elephant Orphanage at Daphne Sheldrick, where you will get to hear some interesting stories such as keepers sleeps with the huge animal alone at night. From there your next stop is the Giraffe Center, where you will get to feed these long necked beautiful animals.

The next is the riding into the wild and spotting rare Chimpanzees or rhinos at the Sweetwater Reserve. Then explore unfathomable into grass-covered land with an expedition to the Samburu game reserve, leopard, lion, rife with buffalo; meet with members of the itinerant Samburu tribe and track game, ride a camel, or even catch butterflies.

After gettingfortable to stay into, and amid of the natural beauty with fresh air to breath. There are even trib in contact the most adorable animals of the Africa, next stop is getting close to the wild natural beauty. You will be spending three days, enjoying African Savannah, close by the Talek River in a tent. Yes, tents are very much comes nearby, which you can visit and know the different culture and customs. The tribal people are very welcoming and they will even teach you how to toss spears or light bonfire with sticks. The tourists who are looking for something more can look forward to the hot air balloon safari, which has promising aerial views of the jungle, herd of animals, and much more.


vail ski resortFor the perfect winter vacation destination head towards the west to the Rockies, its ideal for family ski outing. There, the facilities are ample, the atmosphere is clear and the powder is fresh. The best resort to stay is the Vail, which is one of the America’s best Ski resort town. In States, the Vail Mountain, which has five thousand two hundred and eighty nine acres of ski able land, is the lone major ski resort. Italy’s Cortina, and Spain’s Val d’Aran and Switzerland’s St. Moritz are other areas in this region, which makes this destination year round family adventure destination for all age groups. Skiing on the slopes of the Vail Mountain is legendary and plus you can even do snowboarding, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing and ice-skating. The kids can have more fun as the kids under four can enjoy skiing free and above five ages to twelve have to buy tickets. The nightlife of the resort is lively which includes a few of the finest dining in Colorado and excellent theater productions.

For nightlife that is more vibrant, go to the Beaver Creek Village, which is hidden in the mountain and is just few miles away from the resort. This closed and stylish society gives an opportunity to ski between the Arrowhead and Bachelor Gulch. Plus this place is great to have fun at night as this place has options available like Broadway-level Theater, playing host to live jazz performance, movies, visiting symphonies and much more. Along the streets are the taverns and bars lined up and for kids, there is an ice-skating rink and a four -road tubing mound.


Big Island Kona CoastHualalai is a perfect place to take your family on winter vacation. It has a beautiful beach that is favorable for all age types. The perfect picture extended beach, volcanoes surrounded by the abundance vegetation and luxury resorts nearby. Thus, making Hualalai very scenic and stunning place to relax as well as do some adventurous activities. It is situated on the Big Island Kona Coast. The luxury resorts have many facilities to keep the guest occupied such as on site beach and spa as well as the restaurants like Pahu i`a, which is beach side. For some outdoor sports, there are basketball courts, cardio equipment, twenty-five meter outdoor lap pool and free weights at the Hualalai Sports Club. For the golf lovers, you will have a blast here, as there is a Golf course named after the Jack Nicklaus, which are eighteen holes that stretch more than the seven thousand one hundred yards.

Just at a half hour drive, you will come to the Kauna`oa Beach which is fantastic for surfing and snorkeling. If you don’t want to get wet, then hop into the car and head to the Volcano National Park where you will get to see active volcano, Mount Kilauea. To see the most picturesque scenery take a ride of eleven miles stretch on the Crater Rim Drive or view the crater by a helicopter.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador:

Galapagos IslandsThe ten days cruise to the Galápagos Island is the best winter vacation destination. It is also called the Land of Darwin as it is situated six hundred miles away from the shore of Ecuador. You will find many interesting and rare species of animals. It is only here, you can experience the wild animals in front of you without any fear. Having a very varied geographical and wildlife, the Galápagos has become fave among travel destination around the world.

Tour through seven or even more islands like at Floreana, you will get see huge settlement of sea lions and also this place is best snorkeling. To see the beach, tortoise breeding center, caves and beautiful flamingoes, visit the Fernandina. Being the youngest island in Galápagos, it is also well known for being home to the water iguanas and volcanoes. On the volcanic shores the activities such as kayaks and Zodiacs are done. To view the underwater life and to give the tourists something new experience, they are boarded on a transparent glass bottom boat and in addition to that, hydrophone is connected, in order to view and hear the life underwater.

New Zealand:

Lake TaupoIf you are not looking to be at an extremely cold place nor do you want to be get wet, then come down to the treetops lodges and estate in New Zealand. It is situated amid the lush of vegetation of about two thousand five hundred acres of forest. It is just at the end of the Mamaku Plateau having over 70 kilometers of hiking trails, seven trout streams, Treetops boasts a game reserve, in addition; horse riding and mountain biking. The New Zealand’s biggest lake, Lake Taupo and beautiful seashore golf course, Cape Kidnappers are very near by the lodge.

Rotorua is situated one hundred and forty miles southeast of Auckland. The mecca for the trout fishing fishers and is also habitat to several multicolored geothermal characteristics in the world – geysers, volcanic craters, and bubbling mud pools. A few of New Zealand’s top wineries – Te Mata, Sileni ,Craggy Range – are a near by from the cabin. You can even see the New Zealands main native population, Maori, as this is their main center, whose warily engraved gathering quarter’s mark the land.

These are top 5 winter vacation spots where you can spend you days with your family in very luxuriant way!

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  1. Neelam says:

    Africa an winter destination?? This is totally out of the box! You can visit this place at any time! Don’t need to be season specefic.

  2. Eragon says:

    I thought this article will give information only on places where winters are meant to be awesome. I was thrilled to see Africa and Hawaii in this list.

  3. Sharon says:

    New Zealand is the place to be during winters! Awesome climate, awesome vegetation, everythin is just awesome! The best place in the world to live!

  4. Lindsey says:

    Colorado is also a decent place to visit. you can spend your days in winter sports and making snowman :)

  5. Mathews says:

    Hawaii should be in summers i reckon. No doubt it will be cool in winters but Beaches are meant to be visited for sun bath! and Hawaii is the paradise for Beaches.

  6. Neon says:

    I din’t understand why do we need to visit the wild life in winters? Africa can be visited at any time of the year.

  7. Czech says:

    I’m just dreaming about the cruise in Ecuador! 10 days wow! it will be so fun to live in here!

  8. Peter says:

    Underwater ride in the boat and exploring the sea world! This sound so exciting and thrilling.

  9. Swank says:

    Colorado has the best ski resort! this place is for snow and ski lovers! You will be totally lost in snow!

  10. Shaggy says:

    This article’s heading should be 5 best destinations to vacation. Not only winters but also summers and rains will be the best time to visit these places.

  11. Thanks for posting this, it was a good read!

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