Top 3 Places to Visit in Frankfurt

The German city of Frankfurt is the 5th largest city of the country and is also designated as the business center of Germany. However, there’s no shortage of sightseeing opportunities, if you are visiting Frankfurt for a family vacation or looking to spend some extra days in the city after the hectic business meets. Here are the top 3 places to visit in Frankfurt:

Goethe Haus:

This is the house where the famous writer and poet of Germany, Johan Wolfgang Goethe was born. This place is preserved not only as the abode of Goethe, but also as paradigm revealing the standard of living of the rich and famous people during the end of the Baroque era. Goethe Haus was reconstructed after being destroyed during the World War II. The place stays open from 10 am to 5.30 pm every day. Admission fees for adults are €5. The student and children between 7 and 18 years respectively need to pay €2.5 and €1.5 for entering Goethe Haus.

Zoologische Garten:

This zoo of Frankfurt is extremely well maintained. Around 500 animals belonging to over 600 strains stay in this zoo garden. Majority of these animals are kept inside enclosures constructed in a way so that they resemble the natural habitats of those species closely. One of the special features of this zoo is the ‘day & night house’; the visitors coming to this zoo can stay in this house for watching the activities of nocturnal creatures during the night.

Botanical Gardens:

The Botanical Gardens of the city of Frankfurt runs under the administration of the University. As a visitor, you will get to explore areas of the garden dedicated to different members of the plant kingdom. Traveling across the Botanical Gardens will take you to North America’s hardwood forest as well as Africa’s barren savannah. The garden premises include an area of over 20 acres and house over 6,000 species of plants.

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