Can You Suggest Diving Places Better Than These 10?

More than any other attraction in the world, nature entices major part of tourism industry. And why not? An evening spent on a gorgeous beach with multihued dusk is always preferable and beautiful than hotel in the world. Not necessarily a beach. It could be anything like a dazzling bay, profound river, sturdy mountain, sweltering sun, clear azure sky, or abundant wildlife.

However, if you are one of those who love water boarding, diving or swimming, you should certainly know about various places on earth where you can enjoy these activities enormously. Diving at the top ten destinations of world is something that you cannot afford to miss. Hence, here is the list of ten best diving destination around the world with a brief note on each. If you intend to go to any or all the destinations, information can be found everywhere on the internet.

1. The Bahamas, Western Atlantic

BahamasThe archipelago of Bahamas encompasses 700 islands with over 100,000 sq miles of Western Atlantic Ocean. Most part of the water around these islands isn’t deeper than 20 feet because this region was formed when neighboring plateaus sunk. However, this place is also characterized by “the tongue of the ocean”, a deep trench in the plateaus.

Being covered with water and remarkable panoramas, The Bahamas is an ideal place for adventurers. You can opt to go for an all-inclusive tour package with includes transportation, housing, food, and adventures especially diving. If you intend to visit Bahamas for diving, you cannot afford to miss diving around Cat Island, Inagua, San Salvador, Abacos, Biminis, Eleuthera and Abacos.

2. Papua New Guinea, Bismarck Sea

Being a confluence of three major seas i.e. Coral Sea, Solomon Sean, and the Bismarck Sea, the Papua New Guinea is Papua New Guineaaffluent in marine flora and fauna. The shoreline of this location is enveloped with coarse crests and crags embellishing it into a scenic and idyllic location for diving.

Varieties of options are available to explore the geography, biology, and history of this place. You can embark on a water boat to explore the deep resources of the seas. Or you can opt to stay back on the island and indulge in land-based diving adventures. The best way is to charter a private boat and explore the area with your itinerary. To have an unforgettable diving experience, you shold not forget to visit Kavieng, Rabaul, Madang, and Kimble Bay.

3. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos IslandsYet another heaven for scuba divers is the archipelago of Galapagos Islands. The water here is heaving with a broad assortment of marine creatures and exigent geological features. However, it’s not advisable to dive without the expert advice of tour operators of local guide due to couple of reasons. Firstly, the area has a mixture of places for various diving levels, hence diving at any location is a risk. Secondly, tour operators will provide you with ideal diving gears for ever-changing temperature here.

This location is also quite suitable for night diving due to the presence of clear water here. It’s not difficult to identify the color of a fish whirling 20 meters below you. However, to enjoy diving here, you must learn how to tackle water creatures effectively.

4. Rangiroa, PolynesiaRangiroa

The complicated arrangement of islands in Rangiroa attracts several species of sea creatures and divers. You can witness majority of these species available in French Polynesia from two chief diving spots near lagoon Paio Motu – Tiputa Pass and Ava Turo. It’s a pleasurable diving experience throughout the yar due to the favorable water temperature. It’s around 80F in summer months and 70F in winter.

If you intend to watch the numerous sharks, dolphins, jack fishes, and manta rays, you have to take a boat dive till the base at 80 feet. Do not stay in deep water for more than 45 minutes at a stretch.

5. River Mayo, Mexico

Positioned parallel to the Caribbean shoreline, River Mayo or Mayan Rivera is definitely a panoramic view while driving on Highway 400. More beautiful is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System that lies along the coast of Rivera. If you are a proficient diver, you can reward yourself by diving in the several sinkholes collapses or carbonate underwater caverns formed due to mixture of saline and fresh water.

This river also encompasses two longest caverns of earth namely Ox Bel Ha and Sac Actun, both of them being enormously rich in marine creatures with few rare ones found only in this region. However, this river doesn’t disappoint novice divers as they can snorkel in the reefs of Tulum and Playa del Dos Ojos.

Great Barrier Reef6. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Welcome to the largest reef system on earth that spreads over 2,600 kilometers of Coral Sea. If you don’t know much about Great Barrier Reef, you will be astonished to learn that this reef comprises of 900 islands and over 2,900 reefs. Diving amid several gorgeous marine creature is certainly a pleasurable experience and quite more than worthy. There are various endangered species deep in the water. Do not forget to do the obligatory paperwork, preparation, and planning before plunging in.

7. Little Cayman, British West Indies

If there’s a place that conserves maximum number of rare species of marine creatures, it’s the Little Cayman Islands. Little CaymanHowever, the best time to visit this place, if you are a diver, is amid June and August, when water temperature is favorable and the visibility is clear as water then is quite calm. Moving toward the northern part of this isle is quite enthralling. It’s a good spot for divers and non-divers can spend time in the marine park elegantly built here. Sailing through boat here offers quite a beautiful panorama. However, don’t anchor around, it’s not permitted.

If you are searching a place for wall dive, you can find the Bloody Bay Wall toward the northwestern region of this isle. Here, you can dive in over 3000 feet deep and witness the unmatched, undisturbed life of ocean from a distance of 100 feet. For Big Blue lovers, you cannot afford to miss Jackson’s Bay. However, the other Bonairecreatures you will find here are Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Turtles, Nurse Sharks, and Gray Reef Sharks.

8. Bonaire

A paradise for underwater photographers, Bonaire offer crystal-clear water with clear visibility up to 150 feet deep. Endowed with a geological gift, this is an ideal location for marine creatures and shrubs to thrive. And such locations are obviously a treat for divers. There are several marine parks crammed with vivid creatures and fauna making it a perfect vacationing spot.

9. Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

While sailing from Australia to Honolulu, you will immediately spot a bunch of 36 islands known as Marshall Islands. Bikini Atoll, positioned in the midst of Micronesian Marshall Islands divingislands of Pacific Ocean, is a part of Marshall Islands. A person with a combined interest in diving and archeology is an ideal visitor of this place because this water has swallowed many ships in mid 19th century. Among the famous one sunk here are Japanese Nagato and USS Saratoga. This was also a renowned nuclear testing area in 1950’s.

Today, Bikini Atoll is considered to be a celebrated spot for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and various other water adventures. Though you wouldn’t find much of human population here due to the fear of nuclear radiations, the species of fishes are abundant. This is an emerging destination for divers. However, not many have dived in this water due to the exaggerated diving fees of $5000 for a week.

10. British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia divingBest among all, the underwater area of British Colombia has probably the lasgert variety of fishes and other amine creatures on Earth. While diving, you can easily spot Dungeness crabs, lingcod, massive octopuses, sea lions, Orca Whales, huge prawns, and other 5000 species of invertebrates plus multicolored fishes of over 400 species.

Divers should know that British Colombia, along with largest variety of fishes, is also know to be frequently struck by strongest currents on Earth. However, when the water is calm, it’s a perfect diving destination with around pleasurable 40 degrees of temperature. Garnishing the beauty of British Colombia, colorful algae can be seen near Vancouver Island.

Now, there are many other famous diving sites like Bunaken in Indonesia, Gozo in Mediterranean Sea, Stoney Cove in England, etc. but readers need to understand that I can jot down just 10 sites in the world if the list says “top 10.” However, none can suggest places better than these 10. Maybe your’s is 11th, 12th,…

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    Scuba diving is going for a visit to total another world and it is not at all safe to be with them!

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    All the places are total killer! In these places life and death is similar to each other. Here, you have to live life on the edge.

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    Marine world! this is my favorite sport and most amazing adventure. The feeling to stay within water is totally different than mount hiking or bungy jumping.

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