Thriving Re-Incarnation In Angola, Africa

Angola, is a mesmerizing and eye-balls grabbing destination in many ways. This location has been unexplored and stayed afar from the approach of foreign tourists since 1970’s because of the scary annihilating years of warfare. Being in isolation and its geographical and cultural highlights being familiar to few people, the country possesses many more charms that are concealed behind the facade of violent struggles. After continuous 40-years of civil war pestering the country’s peace and stable conditions, the recent cessation has worked out and tourists can peacefully explore the country’s enormous riches lying in its history and culture. For outsider tourists, the destination offers diverse exploring opportunities.

In spite of its rampant poverty, inborn corruption and destructed infrastructure caused out of violent civil wars, Angola still possesses the captivating attraction that few other countries might possess. Tourists coming from foreign in this heated land of Africa get an opportunity for meeting its affable inhabitants and explore its essence that is still under-wraps. While touring in this untouched land, tourists can enjoy the warmth of the rambling beaches, enjoy seclusion in wildlife parks, or those interested for peeping the archaeological remnants can examine through the Portuguese colonialism ruins. This country is wide-ranging with varied options for the tourists; from Luanda to Lubango this country offers finesse enticements.

luanda angolaDespite all its endeavors in revamping infrastructure and advancing security conditions, tour in Angola remains the preserve of adventurers, diehards and tourists who are on flexible budgets. Its transport facilities are progressively seeing a rise and wildlife have been transported to the demolished wildlife national parks, the hints of recovery seem to be an illusion. Presently, Angola is systematically preparing for a re-incarnation of the country and is walking on the halfway of political and economic expiation. So, don’t miss this fabulous opportunity of viewing re-birth of any country.

Tourist attractions


Nestled in lovely settings of the Atlantic coastline, this capital city of Angola affords spectacular views of the front side narrow pine-skirted sand beaches informally known as Ilha. Luanda is an idyllic city laid across charming settings of pleasant ocean-side, in a backdrop of spectacular scenery. The panoramic views that it affords would have been more stunning, if the dilapidated and rickety structures wouldn’t come to view, however this is not possible as Angola’s capital is mushroomed with the ever-rising makeshift houses which have overgrown since 30 years of its independence. Basically, Luanda can be described as a city of profound disparities and dramatically shocking intensities, some of its features being hot, swarming, enriched with oil and poor in cash. Regardless of all these adversities, this city manages to preserve flamboyance and liveliness in itself.

wildlife in angolaParque Nacional da Kissama:

Located in the Northwestern Angola, this is the only operating national park in Angola. The other parks are left in disrepair due to the civil wars. This national park is extensive and covers three million acres, it was once the home for profusion of wildlife consisting of elephants and Giant Sable, but later due to the violet civil wars, the animal populace was practically eradicated. While the restoration process in 2001, Angola transported animals from the neighboring countries of Botswana and South Africa. Noah’s Ark was the vast animal transport and one of its own kinds in history. All these have added the luring impetus to this park. Give a hit to this Africa’s huge and bizarre wildlife park.

angola tourismBenguela–Lobito Railway:

Explore the bouncing and jiggling trip through Benguela’s countryside pastiche and make your trip an unforgettable and cherished experience for the lifetime.


Unaffected and distant by the civil war, Lubango is a lovely tiny city which affords gushing waterfalls, natural atmosphere, scenic volcanic fissures and serene ambiance. Get there and cool your depressed senses with an enchanting and lively experience.

Best time to visit:

Despite the changes occurring in its diverse regions from time to time, the best time to visit Angola is during the cool dry months between June and September.

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