Thrithala Travel Guide

For all those who love to enjoy the blessings of Mother Nature ,and for all those who want to feel the beauty of the verdant ambience that the Indian subcontinent has, the state of Kerala is a lovely Eden.


Kerala God’s own country is a beautiful region of wildlife and the best kind of flora and fauna. This is where history buffs and naturalists love to thrive and this is where they feel like lazing in the glory of the lovely surroundings of the state. Thrithala in Kerala is one of hose myriad regions which exude the ideal conditions for any tourist. Situated on the banks of the River Bharathapuzha, Thrithala has all that you wanted to see in a lovely spot. This serene and lovely region which has the best idyllic ambience has been responsible for attracting many tourists to this part of the world.

Thrithala wildlife

Situated around 75 km away from the district of Palakkad in the state of Kerala in India, Thirthala is more known for its historical background and culture and less for the small region that it is. Thrithala gives you an opportunity to explore the entire region and would not leave you disappointed as this is where you would find great scenic beauty and the loveliest of travel luxury. Here is where people normally come for a relaxed getaway or for a quick rejuvenating session. With intriguing sights and interesting locales, Thrithala till today has a massive mud fort reduced to remains and a Siva temple too.

Then there is the Kattil Madom temple which is an example of architectural elegance. Constructed with granite this is a marvelous structure and has the best presence of great construction. Located on the road from Guruvayoor to Pattambi, this is a place where you could get to see the best traditional habits in this part of the world.

The Pakkannaar memorial is another lovely place to see. So get ensconced in the ambience of the most pristine villages and find Thrithalayourself totally charmed with the whole experience. The Pakannar memorial is situated on the road leading to kootanaad from Thrithala. The Thrithala village is also a great haven for all ayurvedic followers.

With Pattambi as the nearest railway station and Coimbatore as the nearest airport, Thrithala is a lovely combination of ancient traditions and modern towns.

Archaeologically very famous and important, Thrithala has a great collection of archaeological interests. There is a lovely mud fort with a moat around that is seen here. This is made of laterite.

Thrithala also has some of the most ancient sites that were constructed sometime in the 9th or the 10th century. The constructions here go back to the time of the Chola Dynasty when they used to create architectural specimens here. Then there was the Pandya Dynasty which again was responsible for many architectural consrutions. All these structures belonged to the 9th or the 10th century and this actually showed a changing trend from the Chola to the Pandya dynasty. The sculptures here represent that.

Thrithala thus comes across as a lovely and peaceful place to visit in Kerala.

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