Threat Of Getting Washed Off To The World’s Best Coastal Cities

Do you know that there are millions of masses allover the world which are dwindling for their life’s risk? They will get inundated off the feet of the gushing violent waters. I too was petrified after hearing to ‘The Brian Lehrer Show’, a local radio station in New York City which brought in scientists Rob Young and Orrin Pilkey, authors of the recently published book, The Rising Sea. Both the climate change specialists talked about the 10 destinations that are most susceptible of getting washed away by the soaring sea levels i.e. the consequences of the climate change. Want to know which are the 10 cities that are suspected of death? Check ahead…

1. Miami, Florida, USA:

Miami, the seventh largest city in the U.S., so wonder if any unwanted expectation takes place in this city and there would be loss of millions of lives. Its average capacity for containing water is just 6 feet, just imagine, if anytime the sea level escalates suddenly, it could cause ultimately a massacre.

Recently, a Miami blogger reminded of a July 2009 article by a scientist who quoted that “even rapid action to decelerate climate change is unlikely to prevent an inevitable swallowing up of Miami by the sea. Instead, he argued, the only logical plan B for the city is to stop building in vulnerable areas…which is almost everywhere.”

2. Venice, Italy:

Also cited popularly as “the city of waters,” is somewhere been rightly quoted. Since the year 1897, the sea level has escalated by three inches, which may be hinting you relief as it has increased just this much over a period of a century. But let me ring a bell to your ears again that the public television show ‘NOVA’ has cited this place as “a City under Environmental Siege.”

3. New York, USA:

An article published in a science daily says, “Global warming is expected to cause the sea level along the northeastern U.S. coast to rise almost twice as fast as global sea levels during this century,” which will enfold this flourishing city under water bereaved.

4. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:

Mumbai is facing major threats in many ways; there are a lot of underlying factors attached to it, some of which I will recall: many of its parts are placed just 46 feet high from the Arabian sea and also to add to the terrifying situation is that it is located in a major seismic zone. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that Mumbai is the region which is heavily populated, so this adds more fuel to the fire, if the prediction takes place, it will wash away with itself the entire population.

“Low elevation+poor drainage+seismic zone+rising sea levels= inevitable disaster.”

5. Singapore:

This destination’s highest peak occupies the position of 540 feet above the sea level, but the area which is colonized is just a few feet above the sea levels. The New York Times in 2007 has actually cited Singapore correctly as “surrounded by sea and almost pancake flat.” This news has actually affected the Singapore Government and they have taken the initiative to build a Dutch-dam. This project will be useful for fortifying the Singaporean sea wall.

6. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA:

The New Orleans City is located barely 6 feet above the sea level; also this city has experienced a horrifying hurricane ‘Katrina.’ The sea encircles the city and a bit of rise in the sea level can turn havoc for this city.

The vulnerability of New Orleans to the whims of the ocean was laid painfully bare by Hurricane Katrina. The highest point in the city is only six feet above sea level, and being surrounded by water, the future of the city iHurricane Katrinan the event of even a minimal sea level rise is likely to be catastrophic.

7. Osaka, Japan:

The Inter Governmental Panel on climate change has predicted that merely a rise of 1 meter in the sea levels could take with it 90% of the sandy beaches of Japan and 100% of whole of Osaka. Aren’t the results terrifying? They have the potent to destroy everything, it is so dreadful.

8. Tampa/St. Pete, Florida, USA:

The situation here is very painful with shocking news that every decade brings with it a rise of a meter from the early 1940’s. This will surely take the whole city in its stomach sooner.

Coastal cities

9. Dhaka, Bangladesh:

Heart of the country Bangladesh, Dhaka has tracked itself in the list of 10 most populated cities, not only this it also has high and dry because it lies in the low-lying areas. Here if the sea levels rise even a bit, the city could be inundated with the flow of the sea.

10. Tokyo, Japan:

Located at 16 feet high above the sea levels, this city has been tracked amidst the list of world’s cities which will inevitably face rise in sea levels because of climate change.

All the ten destinations that have been tracked in this list share a common factor of low-lying areas. Now, the need of time says that everyone should take measures to make a difference.

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  1. Ruchi says:

    Rising of Sea level is really a threat to people living in these costal areas, i think we all should think for the solutions before it is too late.
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  2. Thaitoo says:

    And not to forget Bangkok in Thailand. Climate experts say that the city of Bangkok is one of the world’s most vulnerable coastal cities. Some believe that by 2030, much of Bangkok will lie under 1.5 meters (5 feet) of seawater.

  3. sumon says:

    Dhaka is in the list. May Allah save us. All nations should be aware of this climate change issue
    sumon´s last blog ..Eid-ul-Fitr in Dhaka My ComLuv Profile

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