Thirunelli Tours and Travel Attraction in Kerala

Located at a distance of around 66 km from the Kalpetta region in the Wayanad district, Thirunelli is a lovely place nestled in the surroundings of the Western Ghats. Mananthavady is around 32km from this place and the entire region is filled with treasures of coffee and tea plantations along with palm trees, rubber plantations and palm trees. The name Thirunelli comes from the “nelli” or the amla or gooseberry tree that is found here in plenty.

With the best blessings of nature, Thirunelli is a great combination of religious trends and ecological delights. Thirunelli tours have the Thirunelli temple and he River Papanasisini as the main attraction. The great architecture and the absolute constructional elegance of the place is a wonderful sight for all and the total experiences are very exotic here.

The Thirunelli temple with its 30 granite columns and the absolutely idyllic ambience tucked away in the background of the Brahamagiri hills makes a visit to thirunelli an absolute treat.

Thirunelli temple

One, who comes to Thirunelli, surely goes on a high when he gets to see the lovely locales of this region. One sees a great plethora of rare medicinal trees and the most fascinating flowers. So whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or a nature lover, whether you are a trekking enthusiasts or a nature lover, you get it all here in the Thirunelli region. Get to see the sambar, chithal, elephant, bison, sloth bear and the Malabar giant here.

With the nearest railway station at Kozhikode and the nearest airport as the Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode, Thirunelli village on the foot of the Brahmagiri Mountains is a great destination to be in, in this land of Wayanad.

The Thirunelli temple

Built sometime in the 1000 BC, Thirunelli in Wayanad district has Lord Vishnu as the presiding deity. Legend has it that Lord Brahma was totally taken in by the entire beauty of this place and saw an Amla tree with the Lord Vishnu idol at the base. So Lord Brahma got this idol installed in this temple. Lord Vishnu on Lord Brahma’s request asked to make the waters of the stream nearby powerful so that it could wash away the sins of the humans. So the river near Thirunelli is called Papanasini or the river that takes away the sins. This temple is also called “Thekkan kasi”. The river Papanasini has a bridge connecting the river to the temple.

Thirunelli temple

The Vaishnavite tradition has Lord Vishnu as the supreme deity and the temple has the best depictions of the Lord in the best way. Located at a height of around 900 metres above the sea level, the Wayanad temple is surrounded by beautiful forests and woods. Thirunelli was a great pilgrim centre that was not accessible at all due to the forest surrounding it. This was a great pilgrim spot during the time of Bhaskara Ravi VArma who was the king of the chola dynasty in the years 962- 1019 CE.

The Thirunelli temple is almost 3000 years old and there is an aqueduct which provides water to the temple.

The Holy Pond

To the south of the Thirunelli temple, there is Panchateertha or the holy pond. The pond is so named because this is where the five rivers meet. So this pond is very much revered and is totally covered with thick growth of plants and trees. The pond does not have water during summer. There is stone slab in the middle of the pond which has the impressions of Lord Vishnu’s feet which is known as the Vishnu Pad.

The Trek Paradise

Thirunelli with its lovely ambience and convenient surroundings is the place where the trek to Brahmagiri Hills starts in the state of Kerala. The region of Pakshipathalam is a great trekking destination which lies around 7 kms from the Thirunelli temple. People normally come here on treks. The treks from Thirunelli to Brahmagiri and Thirunelli to Pakshipathalam are very popular. The breathtaking landscape and the ethereal sights here make a great impact on the trekker.

Brahmagiri Hills trek

With all this in tow, Thirunelli is a must see in Kerala tours.

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