Things to do in Penang

Penang, more famously known as the “Pearl of the Orient” is an interesting place to be in.  The best part being in Penang is that the journey of excitement never ends here. There is so much to do in this small place. The place is jam packed with lots of adventures.

The best way to go around the town is on a trishaw. The “Trishaw” is a cute vehicle which is peddled by the puller; with a two-seater carrier behind. It is decked with plastic flowers and lights. This is the most comfortable and cheap way to travel in George Town, Penang.

Penang trikshaw

The next best thing is to get a taste of the local cuisine. You get some of the best “fast foods” in Penang. Chinese, Malay, and Indian are some of the delicacies there. The favorite pastime of the people there is to indulge in mindblowing cuisine.

Next, you can relax along the vast beach and the sandy shores. The beaches of Penang are the ultimate beauty of the land. With the bright sunny rays and the tropical climate it’s an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. The Batu Ferringhi Beach and the Gurney Drive are a favorite of tourists, all the year through. There are some amazing water rides that you can go in for, like water scooters, banana boat rides, jet skiing and paragliding. At night, the tourists can enjoy themselves at the fair held by the traders and the hawks in the area, with a variety of eateries and stuff to buy.

Batu Ferringhi Beach Penang Jet Skiing

Then, one can even take a cable car and ride up the Penang Hill and also go on the much famous ferry ride. The most popular is the Penang Hill funicular train ride at the Air Itam for 30 minutes. The Botanical Gardens is also a major tourist area. The most famous yellow ferries at the Weld Quay is the main mode of transportation for the people there. This is also a cheap mode of local transport and one of the best ones too.

Penang Hill

For shopping, the flea market is the most popular one. You can just get about anything in the markets there. The Lorong Kuilt, Rope Walk flea, and the Gurney Plaza are some of the popular names in the area. There are a couple of antique shops and centers of handicraft items. Do not forget to bargain and avail some of the best deals here. Tau sar pheah

Another major attraction in the area is the famous local products. This is an absolute not to miss! Nutmeg, Spices like Tau sar pheah are some of the major ones.

Penang is an amazing place to be in. The most important thing about it is that you can enjoy yourself to the core without worrying that it will pinch on your pocket much. A perfect holiday destination for your family.

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