The Watery Lifeline – Water Conservation

H plus 2 plus O is H20. Wish it were that simple. It is not as simple as mixing 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen and voila we have water. No. This simple chemical formula is an intrigue for all of us who are a part of Planet Earth.

Today water is the need of the hour and thus water conservation is a must. Let us get to know how we could save wastage of water.

Water conservation

In our gardens we have the system of sprinklers. If we use it such that only the lawns are watered and the water does not splash on the outer boundaries it is a good water conservation tip. Besides it is better to do this in the early mornings or late evenings when the evaporation is less.

Water conservation tips

Drip irrigatioDrip irrigationn is a good way of saving water while watering big shrubs and huge trees.

When we rinse the fruits and vegetables in the kitchen then these could be reused to water the plants in the house. Plant new plants during Fall when there is lot of rain.

Adjusting the lawn mower to a higher level ensures that the moisture content in the soil is held well. Wash pets while watering the lawn. Reuse water to wash the pets to water plants.

Collect water from the Ways to stop wasting waterroof and reuse it in the garden area.

If you have a kitchen with two sinks then it is better to fill one sink with water and then use that water to rinse in the other sink .

It is good to upgrade all appliances like air conditioners , ice makers etc as they consume less water and energy.

At home,  ensure that the dishwasher and the washing machine is completely loaded and only then started to avoid wastage of water.

In a spa or a pool at home, covering  it up lessens evaporation. Clean your driveway with a broom instead of a hose. Adjust the temperature of the bath tub as the water fills.

Water conservation tips

Please remember to turn the tap off as it saves approximately 25 to 30 gallons of water. Keep the tap off while rinsing oWays to stop wasting waterut lather before washing hands. First shampoo the hair , then start the water to save gallons of water. Similarly ensure that you shave first and then start the water.

At work, encourage water conservation awareness campaigns. At school teachers could educate children on water conservation by asking them to make a project or a presentation on the same.

As alert citizens we could alert any leak on a water hydrant, repair leaking pipes at home and inform owners about automatic errant sprinklers.

Thus it is seen that water conservation is the need of the hour and a reduced water table and increased salt content caused due to chemicals has put the water level at danger. So it is our call to ensure proper conservation of water.

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