The Travel Photographer of the Year Award

While on the buzz of travel news, there are many events and activities that are happening across the world which are related to tourism and travel. The premier travel photography awards are one such event that is particularly appealing to the tourist when he is touring around the world.

The Premier Travel Photography Awards is a contest that is organized by the photographers for the photographers. It is open to all the photographers across the world from all countries. The photographers could be professional, amateur; they could be an expert or a beginner. They could be old, they could be young, the fact remains that there are categories that fulfils everybody’s requirements. The photography experts judge the photo entries and then give away prizes to the deserving candidate. The supportive sponsors and the travel adventurers and the photography enthusiasts find this a great platform to be in.

The prizes notwithstanding, it is the brilliant exposure that a photography enthusiast gets in the Premier Travel Photography Awards that makes it a great place to be in. Often there are picture buyers, who want a source of the images on the web, and the Premier Travel Photography Site has some of the best galleries and also the most visited pages in the entire web world.

Premier Travel Photography

There are features for the best images in the portfolio books and then there is also an exhibition at the royal Geographic Society. This year there would be a similar exhibition that would be from June 22 to August 19. This is also the same time that the Olympic Games would be held in London.

The contest is open for all, so whether you are an amateur or a professional and whatever age you are, you can be a part of the Premier Photographer Travel Awards. You just have to click on the competition tab and check out the categories. There is a one shot single image category which is for those under 18 years. There is a new Talent section for those who are starting out on Photography. There is something for every interested party in photography.

This year it is going to be something special for the Premier Travel Photographer of the Year and London as the winning pictures are going to be exhibited in the Royal Geographical Society’s Kensington gallery in the months of July and August. They would then be shown in the London Olympic Games. Located next to the Hyde Park this is a great way of encouraging the aspiring photographers. The area would thus be a cultural hub for all and the photographic exhibition would thus be a major hit for the tourists coming there at that time.

This autumn the Travel Photographer of the Year is also having a festival especially for the travel and photography events in the same place and is going to go on for several weekends.

Larry LouieThe Travel Photographer of the Year for the year 2010 was Larry Louie from Canada. Such events have helped many photographers to come up in their interests and has set a career fro them. They get commissions and the Travel Photographer of the Year rightly has an Artists Bill of Rights approved list.

There are many elements that make the Travel photographer of the Year so important and special. There are ways you could improve on your photography skills and there are classes you could join to hone your skills in this line. Make sure you explore the categories and the prizes that have been there last year so that you can register at east this year. Have the fun of shooting the best pictures and also decide which the images that could fit your requirements are. This is a great way to encourage aspiring photographers and gives them a chance to showcase their talents and expertise in this line. The Travel Photographer of the Year has joined hands with the Young Photographer’s Alliance and thus the event has been taken to another level.

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