The Green Piece Of Europe: Slovenia

Slovenia, a small country, perhaps half the size of Switzerland, houses over two million of populace, but if I would describe it, then I will call the itsy-bitsy Slovenia (Slovenija) as an independent republic skirting Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Adriatic Sea, and Austria. It is an awe-inspiring diminutive country which rises beyond the expectations. As someone has rightly quoted, “best things come in small packages,” it perfectly suits Slovenia.

Well, this pint-sized republic has managed to bag lots of prestigious tags since it achieved independence recently in 1991. Slovenia is being cited as ‘Europe in Miniature,’ ‘The Sunny Side of the Alps,’ The Green Piece of Europe,’ while they may be sounding you as I am peddling, let me sweep your dubiousness by clearing that all these are true. This ecstatic land is adorned with natural prettiness and architectural magnificence, from beaches, snow-clad mountains, lovely hills abundant in grapevines, large plains covered with sheets of sunflowers, to legendary castles, nouveau civic buildings, Gothic churches, and baroque architectures.

slovenia top rated attractions travel guideSlovenia is an eclectic destination that offers blend of varied countries which are larger than its size. This land is enriched with plush greenery and makes it one of the greenest countries of the world, over the recent years, its mesmerizing land has started catering to as a centre of attraction and a playground for European activities. Its blend of varied climates invites warm Mediterranean wind up to the foothills of the Alps, where it can snow even in the times of summer. Other tempting traits include the inhabitants of Slovenia itself as they are sociable, kind-hearted, multi-lingual and forward-thinking. Also, when it comes about their way of living- they are far from being spiritual, emotional, and talking about them in geographical terms there home is the core of the continent and not Eastern Europe.

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Tourist attractions

Lake Bohinj:

Perched 26kms to the Southwest, Lake Bohinj is a pleasant spot to chill out in. It is a huge and less developed glacial lake. In spite of not having a tiny lovely island or castle emerging high on the rocky cliffs, still it is a fun and enchanting spot as it overlooks Triglav from the lake itself, only if the weather if clear. Also, it falls completely under the borders of Triglav National Park and its reclining natural beauty is just awesome.

This spot is enthralling and all-embracing as it possesses something for everyone. Those who wish to explore its history and culture can head in Bohinj area’s handful of museums and historical churches. Also, it offers profuse opportunities for adventurous enthusiasts to indulge in adventurous activities like kayaking, mountain biking in Triglav via one of the southern approaches.


Legendary and one of the oldest towns of Slovenia, Ptuj is a splendid location that emulates Ljubljana in terms of historical significance. It is a spot intact with legendary valuables like castles, museums, monasteries and churches. All these momentous things are sure to entice the culture vultures in keeping busy. All these can be explored in one day. Apart from this, there are varied interesting side trips and host of exciting activities which will make the tourist reshuffle their schedules.

slovenia overview travel guideLogarska Dolina:

Placed in the deep core of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Logarska Dolina is the prettiest glacial alpine valleys of Europe. Its lovely position makes it a perfect spot for embarking hiking to the peaks of Kamniske-Savinjske Alps or in the following areas. This spot is a gift of nature which reminisces of the centuries-olden natural beauty. Its striking natural appearance, impeccable environment, scenic sights are sure to mesmerize the nature lovers.

One of the most outstanding traits of Logarska Dolina includes a cultural landscape designed by hands of man that are imbibed by the farmsteads. This outcome is marvelous and reflects integrity between man and nature, which forms a unique trait in today’s age. All these lovely characteristics have combined together and Logarska Dolina is transformed to a regional park. Head here to peek-a-boo at the unique fusion of pristine nature and man.


Bogojina’s church is an exemplary which stands as a remarkable example of architecture of the first half of the 20th century. Also, it is a popular haven of Prekmurje. Nestled at the slope of a rise above the settlement of Bogojina, the new church was erected between 1924 and 1927, perpendicularly to the side of the ancient one-nave Baroque church with a Romanesque base. Alongside the old main entrance gate, the artist has placed cylindrical tower, a bell tower with typical Plecnik artsy forms. To the top of the cylindrical form is a terrace which affords scenic overview, and at the tower’s edge is an additional terrace which appears at the end of the old church. All these form a spectacular eye-candy for viewer. Head here to get view of this picturesque and legendary marvel.

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The Green Piece of Europe: Slovenia

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