The Butchart Gardens: Green and graceful

Adorning British Colombia, the Butchart Gardens is no less than a heaven that has descended on Earth. Considered as one of the most eminent gardens, the Butchart gardens are also among the most outstanding ones on the planet. If you have never visited this one, do visit it this time as even you will agree that paradise on Earth is certainly here on the 50-acre landscaped lawns. The nature here is at its full swing and because of its close proximity with the Vancouver Island, the atmosphere is very cool and breezy. You will surely be stunned to see a garden that offers so spectacular views such that your mind and heart will be captivated, your eyes will go up for a minute, and your body will come to a standstill pose while you start to explore these cool retreat.

Butchart Gardens in British Columbia

Now, you might think that what a garden has to offer except the flora and some birds. However, this does not hold true for the Butchart Gardens where fun is not confined to only few minutes. In fact, it stretches all the way as you amble around the lush vegetation, colorful flora, and waterfalls on its twisting thin lanes making it seem as if you are exploring a small naturally-adorned hamlet. As the gardens reside here since 1904, they are among the oldest gardens in the country. Therefore, this is where you will adore the ancient ambiance amidst the modern arrangements.

Butchart Gardens

Trip as per the seasons and time

There is no single season of a year that makes the gardens look dull and colorless. By this, I mean that no single day exists when you will not enjoy at the Butchart Gardens. Above all, the truth is that the gardens maintain its heart-throbbing ambience throughout the year no matter whether it is chilling winter or hot summer. But, each of these seasons arrives with a unique look and feel to delight you.

When the atmosphere is freezing in the winter, the Butchart Gardens never behave lazily like we humans often become during the season. In fact, a myriad of shrubs and other stunning plants come to life in this season only. Therefore, if you were to ask me about the ideal time to come here, then it is the winter season. On the other hand, when the atmosphere becomes bright and hot in summer, a diverse pleasure is instilled in the visitors via its fully blossomed flowers that appear to be smiling and inviting from each corner. This means that the charm of the gardens is never lost!

During the spring, the gardens look fresh, colorful, and delightful as a plethora of flowers are in their process of blossoming to pack the area with colors and life. On the other hand, autumn ensures a spectacular view and the credit goes to the golden maples. Looking for some festive season visit? Then, Christmas is the best time, forget the seasons. This is when a wide variety of functions are organized here with the gorgeous decorations and lighting.

The Butchart gardens

In short, no matter in which season you come, the different beautiful flowers, shrubs, and plants of the Butchart Gardens are ever ready to embrace you. So, why you would like to miss that? Its just not rational guys!

You can plan to visit the gardens anytime in the day either when the sun is shimmering on the heads or when it is above to get vanish from our eyes. In fact, after sunset is more preferable as the lights make it a sight to behold. Coming to the months, especially from June to September, the garden tour is only allowed after 2 in the afternoon.

Butchart gardens in British Columbia

Special mention for the sunset time

This is when a myriad of lights of different potency adorn the Butchart Gardens offering its visitors an awe-inspiring look as well as a magical atmosphere. This is the main reason why people say that heaven truly resides here.

Butchart Gardens best time to visit

Reaching the gardens

You can reach the Butchart Gardens from the capital, Victoria that is located at a distance of 21 km. As an advantage, you can also opt to stay nearby the gardens where many hotels of different budget stand to welcome their different guests.

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