The Burning Man Festival in Nevada – Not Just A Nomenclature – Part II

The Burning Man Festival challenges all those who attend it to free oneself from the bondages of time that seems to have a bearing on all, making us come to realization that comfort is merely in one’s mind as opposed to be thought to being a physical one.

The no-littering policy at the Burning Man is stringently adhered to with one not allowed to even carry loose sparkle. With diminutive need of finances, one is supposed to get their supply of edibles and water needed for sustenance.

temple of honor - Burning Man Festival

‘Giving’ is the essential spirit of the Burning Man with one and all who consent to participating in it being expected to wilfully engage in this. The cost of the entry ticket encompasses the crude basics like the enormous common round tent, few power sources, lavatory among others.

With just the contributions from individuals are created unique bars, a clubs, skating ring, with even the flotilla of sewer carts that steer about through the day cleaning out lavatories are operated by willing social helpers. The medical camps and the safekeeping are also undertaken by volunteers. If one is intent to purchase an entry ticket for the coming year, it is mandatory to settle on what one could contribute to this congregation.

One gets to meet people from all walks of life many of them hand over some kind of souvenir to each other that could be as simplistic as a mini salt pouch, toffees, novels, wine and even numerous meals.

Before one enters, a ritualistic procedure that all follow, is rolling over the sand. The visual inside the camp is nothing short of a mock-up of a sci-fi movie set. Every where one can catch glimpses of tattooed people, with dressing austerely not obligatory. Even when clothing is opted for it is mostly in the most vibrant shapes, colors and forms ever imaginable.

Burning Man Festival

There is abundance of music in the air to meet the needs of the party-hearty, but prior to getting jiggy with it, don’t miss out to visit an English, Irish or German origin bars where the drinks are on the house. Frankly the sole things sold here are coffee and ice. One could pay a visit to any of the al-fresco grills, body painting stalls or eateries and avail their services with the only expectation being to maybe hand over the bartender a simplistic tip in the form of a souvenir, help with collecting the refuse, beautifying the portable washrooms or just don attire and help spread a smile.

The highlight of the week is the exhuming of the Man, a be-fitting finale to the festivities where flare flingers often spewing out fire into the darkness of the night.  The smouldering of the Man is a time of silent rumination, a location to bid adieu to old emotional baggage and all that is undesirable. One is overwhelmed with a conspicuous sense of liberation watching the wooden Man being disinterred to ashes, with ashes too would be blown away and nothing would be left once the camp is packed up.

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