The Burning Man Festival- Not Just A Nomenclature – Part I

Experience the Burning Man Festival, an event that is totally a class apart, highly ingenious, thought-provoking and stirring event of human expression ever found on the face of the planet. The Burning Man is a transitory commune that bounces to life on the derelict landscapes of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert professing key principles of elemental eloquence and self-sufficiency.

This prominently arty and counter-ethnic annual event attracts scores of people to the Nevada desert lasting for three weeks subsequent to which it vanishes into thin air, departing with no hint of its alleys, mammoth wire-cased effigies, jazz coffee bars and lamp-illuminated roads.

Burning Man Festival

Zilch of its existence lingers on, not a shred of clutter remains, with the blowing wind clearing out even the tyre tracks on the sands. Hitherto, for its pithy subsistence, Black Rock City is metamorphosed into the most sphinx-like cities in America.

Burning Man Festival

In 1986, the mystic service was set off by Larry Harvey who along with a couple of pals blazed a wooden effigy of a man on the Baker Beach, San Francisco as a summer solstice rite. Since then it has amassed greater proportions and progressed to a bigger arena in the Nevada desert where, close to the start of September, the Black Rock City crops up from the dust, with close to fifty thousand land here with their stock of water, additional clothes in case of cold nights, goggles to protect against the sands, a gardening spray canister-being the nearest source of shower, lip cream & vinegar to avert chapping of lips, cracks in the feet, tarpaulin, souvenirs to offer others and the funkiest costume to prance about in.

The connotation of the Burning Man transcends all boundaries encompassing the scorching of all egos, a primeval act of purifying oneself, letting go of all inhibitions and treading grotesque courses along dusty paths. Some undertake this visit for purely sightseeing purposes, while for others it is an existence preference or for some it is quite similar to trying a novel unusual fare.

The camp site spans eight kilometres across and is organised in a horse-shoe shaped manner about the neon-veiled, close to twelve meters high Man effigy. The adjacent region is a primeval lake called the playa, a former military barraging range that effectually transforms into a course to break some speeding world records while soaking in the awesome sunset.

One is simply blown away by the visual extravaganza as squads of magnate artistes unload here with loads of raw materials that they tastefully pull together despite the scorching heat, creating mammoth statues that leave one awestruck.

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