The Ancient Civilizations of Bulgaria

Bulgaria beachBulgaria is a picturesque small country which is amazingly beautiful. Surrounded by rivers, mountains, beaches and valleys on all the sides, this small place is simply mindblowing. Many a time I wonder what it that makes these places the utmost destination for tourism. Well, the answer is this, these countries are set in some remarkable location which makes this place simply amazing.

Bulgaria is a country which has seen many civilizations and the remains of them still lie today. The remnants of the ancient civilization and the people feature the “turbulent history of Bulgaria”.

The history of the ancient civilization of Bulgaria dates back to the period of the Old Stone Age which is about a million years ago. The prehistoric men lived in caves and would gather wild fruits, and roots, fish and hunt for mammoths and cave bears. Isn’t it exciting to know about an ancient culture which is still best preserved in the world? Well, this is it….Bulgaria for you.

The remnants of the prehistoric inhabitants and the implements which have been found in the Bacho Kiro Cave near the Dryanovo Monastry are some of the major attractions here. An example of grandeur still stands here. The Varna Chalcolithic necropolis which is about 5,000 B.C is one of the most remarkable sites to visit. It is believed that gold objects are found in the necropolis and have also been defined in history as the oldest finds of gold in the world. These remains are an evidence of one of the most developed civilizations of an “established social structure in the history of Antiquity in Southeast Europe”.

Dryanovo Monastry

There are some very interesting places where you can visit in Bulgaria. These are some of the most amazing places to visit in the land.

Bansko is considered to be one of the most interesting sites for cultural tourism. This is believed to be one of the most frequented towns in Bulgaria. This is about 160 km south of Sofia, 60 km southeast of Blagoevgrad and almost 6 km south of Razlog. There are some great sites to visit here. The History Museum, the Bansko Museum Compound, and the Church of the Holy Trinity are some of the great places to visit.

Bansko Bulgaria

The Borovo Silver Treasure is an amazing treasure which had been unearthed in the town of Borovo in the year 1974. This town lies 7 km northeast of Byala. This piece of magnificence was crafted somewhere around as early as 4th century B.C. It consists of three rhytons, a jug and a bowl like vessel. It is said that the object has been made of 900 grade silver.

Borovo Silver Treasure

Veliko Turnovo is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of Bulgaria. It was believed to be the capital city of the Bulgarian Kingdom during the 12th and the 14th century. Turnovo is said to be the living symbol of Bulgaria for many ages. There are some remarkable museums in this city and monastries, churches, fortifications, bridges and big buildings form some of the important places of tourist interest.

Veliko Turnovo

Valley of the Thracian Kings is another historic landmark in Bulgaria. The tombs of the famous Kazanluk form the main tourist attraction here. These are some of the famous and the most popular archaeological monuments which are found in this place. This architecture was built somewhere around the 4th and the 5th century B.C.

Kazanluk tomb

Zheravna is considered to be the most romantic place in Bulgaria. Keeping the unique Bulgarian romantic atmosphere of the place stands some of the most amazing tourist destinations here. The Bulgarian National Revival Period is simply a great place to be in. Also, there are some churches, museums and other old buildings which forms the major tourist attractions of the place.

Bulgaria is simply an amazing country to be in. There are many tourist locations and surely you will reign in the glory of exploring some of the wondrous ancient civilizations here.

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