The 5 Best Places To Live Overseas – Part I

These are few amazing places overall the globe for those people, who are looking ahead for starting a new beginning, elsewhere in the world. The perceptions and choices of each differs from another, some prefer a tranquil location while others love the hustle bustle of a metropolitan location. Here are a few top picks for a range of international lifestyles.

Best Small City

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This old town is located around the banks of the Ljubljanica River. The cafés over the pavements are always crowded on a sunny day. The town’s architecture is so elegant that it will certainly leave you agape.  There is a market place along the river that possesses excellent local and artisan products.

This can turn a sophisticated spot for those who are looking forward for expat locations. The time when Slovenia was treated the best value in Central Europe has gone away. Slovenes have now exchanged the Tolar for the mighty Euro. The expats do not need to worry for their jobs, which mean wages are paid in the world’s dominant currency.

According to Carys Owen, veteran ESL teacher and 10-year Ljubljana resident, 15 Euros is now the average cost for an hour-long English lesson. The linguistic Slovenes have a thirst to learn more and more, so a decent English learner can afford to leave a high class life in Ljubljana.  Sometimes referred to as little Prague, Ljubljana flaunts an awe-inspiring synchronization of traditional and modernist architecture.

travel shanghai china

Best Hot New City

Shanghai, China

China’s rampant and flourishing growth has won lots of hearts and strokes many. This is definitely the deserving one that probably can be tagged as the future capital of the 21st century. Shanghai is one of the futuristic locations and has comprehensive characteristics.

Apparent from Shanghai’s thriving architecture traits like the futuristic horizon, colonial frontage and the mettlesome street life, everything is leading in some or another way.

This high-spirited energy gets penetrated to Moganshan Road’s gallery and the warehouse studio scene which are been looked upon as the hub for contemporary Chinese art. This is the only location from China to enjoy distinguished position in the top100 “Mercer livable cities index,” which officially proves my point of view.

shanghai china tour

Shanghai is not just the land of soaring high’s and innovations, but also is comprehensive of phenomenal characteristics like nightlife, culture, affordability and the most important characteristic i.e. it experiments with new talents and gives opportunities to extraordinary brains. Definitely, this feature makes this place as a hot-burning option for getting picked as new expat location. Also, this location will evolve as a new-emerging talent for those with entrepreneurship skills and qualities. Also, if we give a thought over the moot point of affordable life style than this place will again dig its place because over here ESL teachers are in demand, so the case of unemployment is not the cause for worrying.

Thus, in this part, I brought into limelight two futuristic soaring locations that have pulled up their socks to leave their enduring and lasting impressions. In the following parts, find out which are the another three locations and what’s so special about them, that they can stand out among the rest one’s and become preferences of some special people.

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