Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Welcome to God’s own country Kerala and welcome to the best of green surroundings and virgin ambience. Come to the land of Thattekad where you would find one of the most beautiful bird reserves in this part of the world. Also known as the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, this place is a haven for all bird lovers and bird watchers. The thick forests of this region along with the absolute natural surroundings make this an absolute treat for all those who visit this place.

Ensconced amongst verdant surroundings, the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary lies in the Kothamangalam taluk in the district of Ernakulam and attracts all the tourists to have a lovely glimpse of the great variety of birds that are so much a part of this natural reserve. It was under the guidance of Dr. Salim Ali that this sanctuary was started and it was declared a great bird sanctuary in the year 1983. With undulating terrain, and with the best surroundings of deciduous and evergreen forests, the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is a nature lover’s delight.

Thattekad Bird,

Providing shelter to more than 270 species of birds, this sanctuary covers an area of around 25 square kilometers and has a nice collection of birds for all those avifauna lovers. So one can see the spot bellied eagle owl, the nilgiri wood pigeon, the rusty tailed flycatcher, the Malayan Night Heron, the Sri Lanka Frogmouth, the Grey Headed Bulbul, the Blue winged parakeet, the Grey Drongos, the Ceylon Frog Mouths, the Crimson throated barbets, the black winged kites, the jungle nightjars, the mottled wood owl, and the large pied wagtails.

For the wildlife enthusiast, this is the region where you would get the best of elephants, leopards, bears, cobra, porcupine, and many other kinds of reptiles as well as animals. With a fascinating ambience, the sanctuary has all the facilities to also accommodate more than 28 species of animal, and around 9 reptilian species. The sanctuary receives an annual rainfall of around 2500 mm.

With Aluva as the nearest railhead, and Kochi as the nearest airport, this is a great place to go located around 71 km away from Kochi in the Indian state of Kerala.

Thattekad Bird sanctuary

Situated on the banks of the River Periyar, the sanctuary was started on the observations of the great ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali who found this a rich zone with the best biodiversity. This is in fact the best bird habitat in the whole of peninsular India. Only the eastern Himalayas which are supposed to be an avifauna paradise could be compared to this lovely region of greens and blues. There have been lot plantations of mahogany and teak here and cultivation also is an occupation here yet the bird population does not cease to fascinate the tourists coming to this part of the world.

Thattekad is also connected to Kothamangalam by buses which are operated privately. There is a bridge across the River Periyar which has been built recently. There is a magnificent three storied watch tower, a forest bungalow, a dormitory which give accommodation facilities. A dormitory is there inside the sanctuary which is good for group accommodations. There is also a PWD guest house here which is near the Bhoothankett Dam which provides accommodation besides the Kothamangalam lodges which are easy and convenient to stay in.

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