Thailand: A land of Adventure and Glory


Thailand is the one of the most tempting and exciting travel destinations in Asia.

The vibrant capital city of Bangkok, is a haven for visitors who simply want to relax and have a great time partying, dancing or enjoying the exotic Thai massage, and the over the edge night life of the city is pulsating and energetic and keeps your spirits high at all times.

You may explore the beautiful beaches which dot this wonderful land and also indulge in swimming or water sports. You may also laze around and soak in the sunshine.  Take a trip to the Coral island, a group of islands a few miles of Pattaya, and you will witness the spectacular view of the marine life and the undersea coral reefs from a glass bottom boat where you may spend you day sun bathing or indulge in marine activities.

Thailand City View

The safari and the Marine Park will give you a life time opportunity to witness the scenic beauty and the fauna and flora of nature and have a close encounter with rare and endangered species of the animal kingdom and the breathtaking Tiger and lion feeding show will make you awestruck, and this is the only show of its kind in the whole world. You may spend you evening dancing and feeding with the trained dolphins, feeding the birds and having interactions with seals and apes.

Thailand Market Elephant Safari in Thailand

If you are spiritually inclined, you may visit the Golden Buddha temple followed by the Principle Buddha and Reclining Buddha, and if you are missing your local gurudwara and the Langar meals (Community common kitchen) meals, you may visit Atm square and you will be welcomed by the local Sikhs for a sumptuous langar meal.

Temple of Golden Buddha in Thailand Golden Buddha in Thailand

All in all, Thailand is a land of variety and has something interesting to offer to all the people who throng this wonderland.


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